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Avast Android Security App Review

In an independent report from AV-Test it was revealed that Avast was a top performer among a sea of Android antivirus apps that seemed worthless to protect Android phones tablets against malware and other security threats. (more…)...read more

Top 10 Free Android Apps

In the last six months, Android devices have reigned supreme, with 32 percent of all new smartphone purchases. Android also is making huge headway as it reached more the 100,000 apps in the Android Market. Now I will show you - after the jump - the best top 10 Free Android Apps video reviews. (more…)...read more

BiteSMS Updated to Version 5.0 beta 3, Many New Features and Enhancements

New update available for BiteSMS leading the program to version 5.0 beta 3, resolving numerous bugs and adding several new features . BiteSMS give your the ability to send SMS with low cost and extending the capabilities of traditional messaging application. (more…)...read more

Nike Releases Nike+ GPS App to Control Your Training

With Nike + GPS you have perfect control under all your workouts, With this new Nike official application , you can keep track of your workouts traking with the integrated GPS in our Apple devices without the need for external sensors. (more…)...read more

Sword and Poker Review: A Mismatch Made In Heaven

Peanut butter and jelly, sweet and sour chicken, pretzels and ice cream. These are just a few of the combination’s that on paper sound like they would be a complete disaster, but once they are experienced you will never be able to go back to one without the other. The app-store has seen its fair share of mix and matching of genre’s as well, but I can not recall many applications that stick out in my mind as pure creative genius like the masterpiece developer GAIA has created for the iPhone and iTouch devices. (more…)...read more

Guerrilla Bob: A dual sticked payback

What would happen if you took Nintendo's anti Mario hero Wario tossed in a few cheesy one liners, and replicated the gameplay from such classics as commando and ikaruga warriors? Whatever you answered your wrong. The answer is undeniably Guerrilla Bob. (more…)...read more

Heavy Mach 2: Heavy Armored Tank Action Never Looked So Good

Heavy Mach 2 is the sequel from the critically acclaimed, Heavy Mach that hit the App Store a while back. There many differences between the two, the one major difference being that the newest rendition of Heavy Mach is a new overhead perspective with 3D combat units instead of the 2D side-scroller that was the original.The objectives of Heavy Mach 2 are pretty straightforward. Accept the mission in the command center of the base-camp. Buy arms, parts, or special attacking items from the shop. Install parts or bots in the maintenance shop. ...read more

Rafter: Like a Lone Scoop of Ice Cream, Its Good but not Enough

I have major respect for those game developers that take on the challenge of creating a great physics puzzle game. Think of all the education they're using, computing different variables of weights and integrating the effects of gravity, or water, or movement. It's astounding. Add EMANTRAS Inc. to the long list of people who I respect as they give the App Store another physics app in Rafter.Physic-based challenges at your fingertips.Rafter is 21 levels of pure challenge and excitement, as the game advertises. The game's goal is to stimulate...read more

Blockoban: Finally, a Fun, Free, Puzzler For the New Year

Usually, the FREE games listed in the App Store are pretty brutally cheap. Yes, they are free, but man, would it kill the game developers to present their app a little better than that? Take Tap Defense, for example. I mean the game just looks beautiful, has depth, and has updates coming every once in a while just to let the gamers know that they are committed. Why can't most apps be like this one? Most of the time, we find a faulty game that's barely playable for more than an hour and it's immediately trashed forever.One wrong move and th...read more

Wobble: Shake what your mother gave ya

Lets all be honest here. Regardless of the technology there is always a "dirty" side to technology in fact it's pretty easy to say that the "underbelly" of society can actually drive a product from the brink of death such as the story of when VHS was in a fight for it's life with Betamax. Sony refused adult content whereas VHS opened it's doors to adult content which exploded the sales of VHS and the rest is history.Today that new frontier is the appstore, and like it or not a hefty percentage of the install base is into adult oriented material...read more