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Snow Moto Racing: A Ho-Hum Experience in the Snow

The first of it’s kind, Snow Moto Racing by Resolution Interactive is a snowmobile racing game on the handheld device. While shredding and carving your way through beautiful winter landscapes, you’ll experience the full thrill of high-speed snowmobile racing. You can perform stunts to trigger speed boosts that will iv you the edge when racing against your dynamic opponent CPU. You can even challenge your friends and race head-to-head in multiplayer mode via Bluetooth.

The first thing that stands out is the visuals. If anything, the game definitely gives the gamers one of the nicest looking graphics for a winter snow app. The snow and environment look crisp and detailed with a smooth virtual texture really bringing it to life. When it gets down to the gameplay is where things get a little dicey.

While the game doesn’t severely lack in any certain area, it doesn’t shine in any specific category other than graphics. It’s your prototypical “jack of all trades- master of nothing”. Snow Moto Racing is just too average for it’s own good. The races are fun enough, and the stunts add some flavor to the mix, but altogether, nothing is new here. Everything you do in Snow Moto Racing is something you’ve already done in countless other racing games. The only difference here is that you’re on snow, and the difference isn’t enough to set it apart.


Many might find the stock controls a little too rigid, which is why they have a customization option, which is always helpful. I’ve read other review complaining about the controls, but I actually had an easier time maneuvering the mobile than, say, a BMW in Need for Speed. What’s nice is that it’s surprisingly responsive despite you being on snow and the turn radius is very generous.

What We Liked:

+ Sleek visuals + Controls are above average + Local Multiplayer via Bluetooth + 14 achievements to unlock + Good sound effects

What We Disliked:

– Way too short &#8211- Not enough tracks &#8211- Nothing makes the app stand out above other racing apps &#8211- Introduces nothing new to the genre

Final Verdict:

Snow Moto Racing is an unoriginal, rehashed, “you’ve it played before” app. However, for $0.99, it’s not entirely a rip off and there’s also a LITE version for you snow mobile lovers who can’t be deterred. While there are some good aspects, nothing in this app sets it apart from any other racing game whether it be on snow or on dry land. Snow Moto Racing isn’t terrible, but it’s not spectacular either. It’s biggest fault it’s that it’s just average- it’s a common racing game for a dollar.


One Reply to “Snow Moto Racing: A Ho-Hum Experience in the Snow”

  1. hkiphone

    “It’s biggest fault it’s that it’s just average; it’s a common racing game for a dollar.”

    Well summarised Daniel! That’s the problem with alot of what’s available on the App Store now… loads that are just simply ordinary, nothing oustanding. As such I’ve already got loads of games that I just haven’t even got around to playing. And with a busy family life, its getting harder and harder. Games will need to be outstanding one way or another to really get attention. It’s not the monetary value that is the hurdle – its offering something different, rather than a different visual coat to the same kind of gameplay.