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Download Opera 12 x64bit version for Windows and MAC OS

Opera 12 x64bit version for Windows and MAC is out for grab. Christmas at Opera Labs: 64-bit Opera, and out-of-process plug-ins As the snow settles on the ground, and the elves draw close to finishing construction of all their toy orders, it may not surprise you to learn that Opera’s little helpers have also been very busy, adding exciting new innovations to our desktop browser! As a last release before Christmas, we are bringing you a new labs release featuring two exquisitely wrapped presents: 64-bit builds Out-of-process plug-ins Let’...read more

Download Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1 (Update)

Best browser Mozilla Firefox v5.0.1 has been released but not yet officially announced, and can be downloaded from Mozilla’s servers. Changelog: Worked around an issue in Mac OS X 10.7 that could cause Firefox to crash Worked around an issue caused by Apple’s “Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 5” where the Java plugin would not be loaded Download Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1 for Windows via mozilla...read more

Direct Download for Google Chrome 11 Stable Release

Our previous post was about Google Chrome 10 Stable Release. Now Google releases Chrome 11.0.696.57 to stable release.The Google Chrome team is happy to announce the arrival of Chrome 11.0.696.57 to the Stable Channel for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame. Chrome 11 contains some really great improvements including speech input through HTML. Whats new in Google Chrome 11.0.696.57? Cleaner User Interface and more security updates. (click thumbnail for larger image) Q: Why do we need an Offline Installer? A: For Offline Install...read more

Download Opera 11.50 Final for Windows

Before we featured Opera 11.50 NEXT (pre-release), now Opera 11.50 final version has been released! This is a major upgrade (unlike Firefox 5). This release features: Opera Link Password Synchronization: Back up and get your passwords through Opera Link. Speed Dial extensions: Get live content directly in your Speed Dial. A new faster design: Opera now feels faster to use – and it looks better than ever before, as previously reported the Featherweight Project. Watch the new features in this video: Opera 11.50 is also equipped with the Pres...read more

Australis Firefox Theme Redesigned for Mozilla Firefox

Another Clean and Elegant Theme for Mozilla Firefox. Australis Theme for Firefox was developed by our friend from dA SoapyHamHocks and redesigned by pes Australis Theme is mockup theme for firefox based on a design by Stephen Horlander. (click image for larger preview) What I love about this Australis Firefox theme is the minimal design, light color and its simplicity. I highly recommend this theme for Firefox users who wanted a clean look for their Mozilla Firefox browsers. Download Australis Redesigned Theme for Firefox...read more

Opera 11.50 ‘Next’ with Speed Dial extensions (Download Link)

Opera 11.50 ‘Next’ gives you a separate installation of the Opera browser that lets you try our latest pre-release versions without affecting your main Opera installation. Also, your Opera Next installation is automatically updated as new versions become available. Opera Next builds may be unstable or contain bugs, but they let you be among the first try out our latest technologies. New Feature: Live, interactive Speed Dial This release takes extensions to the next level. Opera again breaks new ground with Speed Dial extensions. This allows d...read more

How To Get a Google Chrome Offline Standalone Installer

Do you need an offline standalone installer of google chrome from different versions or the latest release? as you noticed we have a few articles on Google Chrome Offline Installers… So, how do we really get an offline installers for Google Chrome? 1st: Get the latest stable release build number from google chrome blog latest stable releases articles, and take note of the build number. as of this posting date, the latest stable release is v13.0.782.220 2nd: Note the last 6digits of the build number, in this case it would be 782.220. Copy it a...read more

Opera Mobile v11.10(1583) & Opera Mini v6.10(25380) Updates

The Best browser for Mobile Phones Opera Mobile and Opera Mini added more features & improved. Check out whats new… Opera Mobile 11.10 (1583) and Opera Mini v6.10 (25380) added this new features: Search suggestions from Google and Yandex will appear when you start typing in the search field. You can now search directly from the address bar! The search option will appear in the drop down list when you type something. The text selection is greatly improved for touch screen devices. Just click on the text you want to select, then drag the ...read more

Easy Way to Customize Your Google Homepage

Hello guys, I just wanted to share this to you… Make your Google homepage from this; to this; Easy as 1-2-3 ;) First you have to login to your google account, then after you’ve logged-in, go to google.com when you move your mouse you can see left-side below the page Change Background Image.. (Click thumbnail image for larger preview) Click that link and you’ll see a dialogue box where you can choose from picasa web photos, public gallery, or browse from your computer.. (Click thumbnail image for larger preview) now click an image and click ...read more

Download Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) for Windows 7/Vista [Direct Link]

We all know that Microsoft Windows has a built-in Web Browser called Internet Explorer, from Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and older Windows OSes… Now, Microsoft release a Internet Explorer 9 which is also the best web browser nowadays, that competes from other known browsers (Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome) If you are using other browsers as your default web browsers, think again, IE 9 is now faster, cleaner UI and gives better protection, you may also consider that It comes from Microsoft that built our favorite OS Windows 7. We don’t ha...read more