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Download Latest SkyDrive for Windows

SkyDrive for Windows is the easiest way to access your SkyDrive from your PC. When you install SkyDrive, a SkyDrive folder is created on your PC. Features Access your SkyDrive right from Windows Explorer—photos, documents, and all your other important files. Quickly add new files to SkyDrive by dragging them to the SkyDrive folder. Easily organize your files and folders in SkyDrive, just like any other folder. Connect back to your PC if you forget to put something in SkyDrive. System Requirements Operating system: One of the following… 32-...read more

Yahoo! Messenger Final Full Offline Installer [Direct Download Link]

The final version of Yahoo! Messenger 11 is now available. This is Full Direct Download Offline Installer from Yahoo! server. We already shared you some articles about Yahoo! Messenger Offline Installers, now its time for the latest release of Yahoo! Messenger. So, What’s new with Yahoo! Messenger 11? This latest version incorporates many bug fixes and we’ve improved the general stability of the product. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect in Messenger 11: Invite your friend to play a game – In addition to instant messages, text message...read more

Download Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1 (Update)

Best browser Mozilla Firefox v5.0.1 has been released but not yet officially announced, and can be downloaded from Mozilla’s servers. Changelog: Worked around an issue in Mac OS X 10.7 that could cause Firefox to crash Worked around an issue caused by Apple’s “Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 5” where the Java plugin would not be loaded Download Mozilla Firefox 5.0.1 for Windows via mozilla...read more

Remove ADS in Yahoo! Messenger v11.0.0.2009 Final Release

Are you annoyed by an ADS in your Yahoo! Messenger v11.0.0.2009 and wanted to remove those banners? then check this out. Recently, we shared you a Full Offline Standalone Installer of Yahoo! Messenger v11.0.0.2009 Final, lots of cool stuff and new features integrated like Facebook chat and twitter status updates etc… but one thing that keeps me annoyed is those ads and banners, so in this article you’ll going to remove those ADS in yahoo messenger v11 final with the help of AdBanner Remover Plus. What is AdBanner Remover Plus? is a freeware ...read more

Offline Update for Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE Offline Update)

How can we update MSE to a PC without internet connection? In this article we will show you how to manually update your Microsoft Security Essentials with no internet connection, also known as Offline Updates… If you are an Microsoft Security Essentials user and your PC are always connected to the internet, then most likely MSE automatically updates without any intervention, if your Windows Update settings are set to automatically download and install updates. but what if your Windows PC aren’t always connected to internet or you don’t have a...read more

How To Get a Google Chrome Offline Standalone Installer

Do you need an offline standalone installer of google chrome from different versions or the latest release? as you noticed we have a few articles on Google Chrome Offline Installers… So, how do we really get an offline installers for Google Chrome? 1st: Get the latest stable release build number from google chrome blog latest stable releases articles, and take note of the build number. as of this posting date, the latest stable release is v13.0.782.220 2nd: Note the last 6digits of the build number, in this case it would be 782.220. Copy it a...read more

Opera Mobile v11.10(1583) & Opera Mini v6.10(25380) Updates

The Best browser for Mobile Phones Opera Mobile and Opera Mini added more features & improved. Check out whats new… Opera Mobile 11.10 (1583) and Opera Mini v6.10 (25380) added this new features: Search suggestions from Google and Yandex will appear when you start typing in the search field. You can now search directly from the address bar! The search option will appear in the drop down list when you type something. The text selection is greatly improved for touch screen devices. Just click on the text you want to select, then drag the ...read more

Download Windows Live Essentials 2011 Full Standalone Offline Installer

Microsoft announced Windows Live Essentials 2011 15.4.3538.0513 . This new version improves performance and quality of service… and would also includes full support for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) in Windows Live Mail and the latest Bing bar. In Windows Live Mail, Microsoft has fixed a sorting issue in the Sent items folder and improved the upload reliability and instrumentation in Photo mail. In Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft has fixed a couple of stability issues and made various changes for improved voice and video quality. We fixed ...read more

Remove ADS in Yahoo! Messenger Latest Builds with Ad Destroy

Wanted to remove that annoying ads in your Yahoo! Messenger client? recently we have posted the recent version of Yahoo! Messenger Full Offline Installer and i have been roaming around the web for how to remove that annoying ads, well, i have found one and i will share it to you here. Latest Build Update: Ad Destroy v8.8 ( created by Dermot @ irish-gaming.net and his updating it to every latest release of Yahoo! Messenger builds, and today we wanted to share it to all who uses Yahoo! Messenger and wanted to remove those banners & ads i...read more

Scan your PC for Trojan, Virus & Malware with Portable SuperAntiSpyware

As part of your our Windows maintenance, we also scan for viruses or malwares regularly even if we do have Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware protecting in real time. We shared you some of good anti-viruses and anti-malware programs before and we do recommend it to protect your system from future infections. Now, one of our recommended app to scan your system for other undetected infections is SuperAntiSpyware. What is SuperAntiSpyware? Its an windows application to scan and protect your pc from Trojans, Viruses and Malwares. It can also repair your ...read more