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Blend-It Vista Wallpaper

Blend-It WallpaperHope you’ll like it. Enjoy!! ...read more

Install and Enable 3rd Party Themes or Custom Themes in Windows 7/Vista/XP

How To Use or apply a custom themes in Windows PC, without patching any system files? UXStyle is a small utility that installs a background service that will enable to use a custom themes. UxStyle is a light-weight system service named Unsigned Themes, complimentary to the Themes service, and a kernel driver, sizing in at ~500k and ~17kb respectfully (beta builds). The service handles the enabling/disabling of custom theme support and the kernel driver handles patching. For 64-bit platforms, the kernel driver is signed with a digital certific...read more

Enhance your RAM in Windows Vista

If you are a Windows Vista User, then this tweak is for you. Click on “Start Button”, “Run…” then type “regedit” and click on “OK” Go to the key: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Session Manager Memory Management ” Create or modify value DWORD “IoPageLockLimit” and enter one of the following values (into hexadecimal) according to the quantity of your RAM: For 128 MB of RAM: “0001C000” For 256 MB of RAM: “0003C000” For 512 MB of RAM: “00070000” For 1024 MB of RAM: “000F0000” Example for 192 MB of RAM: 192 – 16 ...read more

Download Latest SkyDrive for Windows

SkyDrive for Windows is the easiest way to access your SkyDrive from your PC. When you install SkyDrive, a SkyDrive folder is created on your PC. Features Access your SkyDrive right from Windows Explorer—photos, documents, and all your other important files. Quickly add new files to SkyDrive by dragging them to the SkyDrive folder. Easily organize your files and folders in SkyDrive, just like any other folder. Connect back to your PC if you forget to put something in SkyDrive. System Requirements Operating system: One of the following… 32-...read more

Blend-IT v2 Windows Wallpaper

Another version from my previous creation Blend-IT v1… Technorati Tags: vista,wallpaper,windows,art,customize...read more

Windows Live Writer Build 14.0.3913.522

Overview Windows Live Writer is a desktop application that makes it easy to publish rich content to your blog. It’s easy to publish to most major blog services, including Windows Live Spaces, SharePoint, WordPress, Blogger and many others. Create a compelling blog, with your personal photos and videos, maps, tags and lots of other cool content, all in a snap. Preview before you post. Compose your entries offline, publish them later, when you get back online. System Requirements Supported Operating Systems: Windows Vista; Windows XP Ser...read more

Certified for Windows Vista Screensaver (Applicable for XP and Vista)

This is a Installable Screensaver for Windows XP and Vista (32bit) Click Image to Download it. ...read more

Avoid Eyestrain in your PC – EyeDefender

EyeDefender lets you avoid eyestrain and puts the sparkle back in your eyes. EyeDefender is a freeware rest reminder designed to prevent Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) resulting from working on a computer for hours. CVS symptoms include eyestrain, blurred vision, delayed focusing, headaches, back and neck aches, dry and burning eyes, light sensitivity, distorted color vision, forehead heaviness, and sore eyes. CVS is impossible to get rid of but you can reduce and even eliminate most of its symptoms. The recommendation is simple – take a shor...read more

Delete Files Directly in Windows XP/Vista/7

Another simple tip that i want to share to you ;) This is very handy when you want to delete file(s) in Windows XP/Vista/7 that you really don’t need them anymore… Just select the files that you want to delete, single file or multiple files by clicking them one by one while holding the CTRL key or highlighting them by dragging your mouse… after you have selected the file(s) you want to delete, release the CTRL key and now press and hold the SHIFT key in your keyboard and press Delete or right-click and choose delete (don’t release the SHIFT ...read more

Animation logo before the logon screen of Windows Vista

Windows Vista Default AnimationBefore After Download it Here! Copy authui.dll to %WinDir%System32 U need to have permision to do that..ive added the Take Ownership.reg file Merge it,to add easy Take Ownership to ur context menu.. browse to your Windowssystem32look for authui.dll right click then Take Ownership.. Thats it!now you can rename the original file to whatever name u want for restoration purposes.. copy the edited authui.dll to your WindowsSystem32 Note: I wont take responsible for any damage it may cause to your system..Do it at y...read more