Advance Edit File types in Windows Vista

"File Type" associations are the links between your documents and the applications that create them. For instance, when you double-click a Microsoft Word Document on your desktop, Windows knows to start Word and instruct it to open the document because of the Microsoft Word Document file type. Likewise, when you click a website link in an email message, Windows knows which browser to open (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer) because of the HTTP Protocol file type. The Folder Options window in Windows Vista is missing the File Types tab found in more

Windows 7 M3 Screensaver for XP/Vista

Windows 7 M3 Screensaver This is different Win 7 screensaver I have made so far.. Try this one, you’ll like it don’t forget to drop some comments.. Thank you.. Download Windows 7 M3 more

Colors Wallpaper

Colors Wallpaper with Windows ORBAvailable in WideScreen and Standard Screen sizeDownload Free – Click Here! more

Windows Vista Orb Button Logo in .PSD Format

You can use this in any project you want, why? coz this is an .psd format for Adobe Photoshop.. Enjoy! Click here to more

TUX Screensaver for Windows XP/Vista 32bit

TUX Screensaver for you guys!Hope you’ll like them. Enjoy!Click here to Download more

Create a shortcut for Appearance Tab in Vista

Easy way to go to Appearance Tab of your Display properties in Vistajust by creating shortcut on your desktop. 1st) Right click your desktop then scroll to New > Shortcut A window will appear; just type in the location bar; control desk.cpl,,2 then click next and then type a shortcut name in it;you can type any name you want; or just name it Appearance.. Thats it you can click the shortcut you’ve created and it opens the appearance tab,and choose the theme u installed.. You can also use this in the location bar; Desktop Icon Settings = more

Ultimate Strands Wallpaper

This is an Experimental Wallpaper.. Hope u’ll like it :D Thanks! Download it HERE! more

Latest Release uTorrent v3.0 (Update)

µTorrent 3.0 is a natural evolution of the classic “tiny-but-mighty” vision. µTorrent is now packed with some insanely powerful new features. While the interface has been polished and the overall size remains smaller than your average Facebook pic. Watch uTorrent in action from this video. NEW Features Streaming: Watch videos within seconds with progressive downloads – no need to wait. Especially great for previewing a file before committing to the full download. Remote Access: Start, stop, and monitor torrent downloads on the go. more

iMax Monitor Wallpaper

iMax Monitor Wallpaper by more