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Google Reveals the Cr-48, the First Ever Chrome OS Laptop!

Google has announced its first Chrome OS laptop called the Cr-48! This laptop is currently unbranded and will be distributed through its Chrome OS Pilot Program. This is sort of a public beta, but Googe is most likely interested in businesses which will provide feedback back to Google and comment on it's quality. There doesnt seem to be a way to pay for one now though. (more…)...read more

Google Introduces Nexus S Along with Android 2.3 Gingerbread !

Google today has announced the long waited Nexus S along with their new Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The new version of Android brings some new amazing features as rich multimedia — including support for VP8 and WebM video and new audio effects, support for front-facing cameras, SIP/VoIP and Near Field Communication (NFC), Enhancements for game developers, including new sensor types, Faster, more intuitive text input, one-touch word select and copy / paste, improved power management, control over applications, and new ways of communicating, a...read more

Chrome OS Devices Coming by End of November

You read it right! Google's Chrome OS is nearly finished and ready to be pushed to the masses. This OS is planned to work on a device slightly smaller than a notebook that has internals of smarthphone. The first mobile devices using Google Chrome OS are set to be launched by the end of this month, according to DigiTimes. (more…)...read more

Android Gingerbread Arrives at Google HQ [Video]

Yes that's right! The new version of Android will be named "Gingerbread", no more rumors. The folks over at Google have dished a few details on Gingerbread (Android 3.0). Although it's not officially announced, the name has been confirmed by a video uploaded on Youtube by AndroidDevs shows the Gingerbread statue arriving in a truck at Google’s HQ, being moved to the left of Froyo’s statue and then being erected by Google employees. (more…)...read more

Logitech Revue with Google TV Coming This Month for $299

I think this is going to change everything! Two days ago, we broke the news about Google TV's min-website to introduce the all-new Google TV which will beat Apple's one. Today, Logitech's Revue Google TV box (with 1.2Ghz Intel Atom CE4100 processor) is now available for pre-order for $299, unveiling a bunch of new features. If you pre-order today, you will get by the end of the month, Sept. 29 to be exact. (more…)...read more

Google is Planning to Release 60x Faster Chrome 7 to Hit IE9 and Firefox 4

In case you are living under a rock and don't know yet, last week Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 9 beta with full hardware acceleration of all HTML5 content, improve canvas speed. Also Mozilla has released Firefox 4 beta last month with Panorama feature and more. So, Google is planning to Release Chrome 7 to hit back at IE9 and Firefox 4. (more…)...read more

Google Streaming Search with Google Instant

Google has formally released a new feature called "Google Instant" this morning in San Francisco, It's already rolling out, and many of you may be seeing it on Google now. Instant Google speeds up research suggesting. (more…)...read more

Google Is Creating its Music Store

As reported by Reuters, Google has already made arrangements with major record companies in view of the birth of a style iTunes Music Store . The Music Store Google should begin by next Christmas, in fact it will be a dangerous competition for iTunes, which now owns 70 % of the digital music market. (more…)...read more

Google Launches Chrome 6 on its Second Birthday

Today, Google is celebrating the second birthday of it's Chrome web browser with the release of new stable version of Chrome. Google Chrome officially hits version 6 bringing and even cleaner and simpler user interface and increased speed and performance. Remember that it was just two years ago when Google surprised the world by announcing a new browser, and now they are in a real browser war. (more…)...read more

Google Enhances Gmail With Intelligent Service Inbox Priority

Gmail introduces a minor revolution in the inbox. With the new "Inbox Priority" service which will refer you to the most important emails to read. We are suffering from spams, the bad offers to buy strange drugs, organized meetings with women or ask money for financial scams. Then there is a lot of spams but there is an email we want to read it first. (more…)...read more