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Facebook Surpasses 750 Million Active Users

Believe it or not. Facebook now boats over 750 million active users every single month. This news hasn't been confirmed by Facebook, but a source close to the company claims that it's real status. (more…)...read more

Facebook Brings More Features to iPhone & Mobile Users

Almost over 200 million people use Facebook with a mobile device. Whether it's an iOS device or even a simple mobile device, Facebook is used so much to share photos, access apps, and connect and interact with friends. In October, Facebook has added a dashboard to the regular desktop website to see how applications are using your information. (more…)...read more

How to Switch Back to Old Facebook Profile Page Layout

Facebook has introduced the new design for profile pages with prominent display of basic profile information, latest photos, friends list and more. However, some users may not like the new design and want to revert back to old Facebook profile page layout. Do you want really to switch back to old Facebook profile page layout design? (more…)...read more

Facebook to Get a New Design Tomorrow [SCREENSHOT]

Mark ZuckerBerg, CEO of Facebook has given a show of an exclusive look at Facebook's new look. We have caught a new look of the profile page design changes a few seconds into this video. The glimpse can be seen in the video found here at the 10th second. The new look’s apparently going live tomorrow as reported by TNW. (more…)...read more

Facebook Launches New Profile Interface; Heres How to Get it !

We already broke the news and told you that Facebook is going to launch a new profile page design. As promised, Facebook has announced a new and improved profile page design and will be rolling out starting from tomorrow. In case you can't wait for Facebook to rollout the new design tomorrow, you can get it now easily! (more…)...read more

Everything You Need to Know About the New Facebook Messages

Mark Zuckerberg has announced at Facebook's press event today a new messaging system which sums up real-time chat, email, SMS, other chat clients. So get ready for your @facebook.com address. (more…)...read more

Facebook to Introduce New Mobile Features this Wednesday

We are just in, Facebook is going to hold an event in their Palo Alto Headquarter, California on 3rd of November this Wednesday.This event is called as "Facebook Mobile Event". The name unveils lots of thing that Facebook may revile in their event. Facebook will have some major announcement in this event. (more…)...read more

Facebook Introudes New Groups, Download My Information Feature & 3rd Party Application Dashboard

Early this morning, we told you that Facebook is about to introduce major updates for a new Facebook, but not as we thought (the interface). Facebook just added a new features to Facebook and introduced "Groups", so we can say that "Groups" is the new Facebook (that's a fact). Here, we cover the New Groups, all the features & changes in this event with quick videos in action. (more…)...read more

Facebook to Announce New Look Today?

As you’re probably aware by now, Facebook is holding an event at their headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. Facebook intend to surprise us today with a new redesigned website, just like Twitter did a few weeks ago. As noted by TechCrunch that some users are already reporting that they are seeing a new version of chat appear on the Facebook site. (more…)...read more

Facebook Phone, the Facebook Confidential Project [Update 1x]

This is really big, according to TechCrunch, Facebook is said to be building its own mobile phone  which will run its own operating system. Or precisely, Facebook is building the software for the phone, and working with third party to build the hardware.  It seems likely, Facebook is going to make full integration with contacts list and other core functions, as this integration can be implemented only if it controls the operating system. (more…)...read more