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Facebook to Introduce New Mobile Features this Wednesday

We are just in, Facebook is going to hold an event in their Palo Alto Headquarter, California on 3rd of November this Wednesday.This event is called as “Facebook Mobile Event”. The name unveils lots of thing that Facebook may revile in their event. Facebook will have some major announcement in this event.

Lots of rumors surfaces on the web indicating that Facebook is going to announce some features regarding to Facebook and Mobile. Others showing that is getting famous about this event that Facebook is going to announce their long rumored Facebook phone that was denied by Facebook, and this won’t be like google’s Nexus one.

It’s also expected that facebook is going to announce their own OS in this event. May be they are going to announce Facebook for iPad or for Windows Phone 7, who knows? There are lots and lots of rumor going on about this event, and no one knows what is going to be happen in this event. Until then we want your suggestions about what is facebook going to announce?

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