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Blend-It Vista Wallpaper

Blend-It WallpaperHope you’ll like it. Enjoy!! ...read more

Sliced Windows 7 Themepack and Wallpapers Set

Sliced Wallpaper was made before and due to its uniqueness my friend Andy from TWC requested me to create a wallpaper set and he made it into Windows 7 Themepack. Now, it is already out and wanted to share it all also to my friends and visitors from this site, hope you like it guys… Thanks to Andy… Sliced Windows 7 Themepack and Wallpapers Set was made by TheWindowsClub from Andy. To download this Windows 7 Themepack and Wallpaper set just click here. Enjoy!...read more

Download Simple 8 Wallpaper Pack for FREE

More wallpaper available for free that perfectly suited on Simple 8 Theme for Windows 7 This is our first post for the year 2012. I have been very busy these past few days, and I would like to mention also, that Simple 8 Theme is in work-in-progress, and it will be ready for final release soon. So, stay tune for that. Now, before releasing the final version of Simple 8 Theme, I will share you Simple 8 Wallpaper Pack separately available free to download for you. Simple 8 Wallpaper Pack comes in variety of colors and sizes for your desktop. It...read more

5800 C6-CFW HomeScreen Custom Wallpapers

Few weeks ago, I have been trying Custom Firmwares for 5800, and yeah it’s cool, fast and nice features of C6 ported to 5800 phones. Today, i am going to share you some custom wallpapers for C6 CFW Homescreen Wallpapers, and I hope you will like it ;) (more…)...read more

Vanity Blue Wallpaper

This wallpaper was inspired from IE 9 Wallpaper, and due to our friends requests, made another variation but this time without Internet Explorer Logo. Made it from Adobe Photoshop. Enjoy it guys! Thanks to iadal, doom1468 and adni18 Download Vanity Blue Wallpaper.zip Download Hits: 428 - Filetype: .zip - Size: 771.93 kB Want a Firefox version of this wallpaper? We also made Firefox Wave Wallpaper for Firefox lovers and it’s worth to check out for....read more

Blend-IT v2 Windows Wallpaper

Another version from my previous creation Blend-IT v1… Technorati Tags: vista,wallpaper,windows,art,customize...read more

Prevent Eye Fatigue with Sunrise Wallpaper

Feel relax and prevent eye fatigue for several hours in front of your PC screen with this soothing calm color wallpaper. I’m back with Photoshop thingy, using Adobe Photoshop CS5 and wanted to start to create a wallpaper for my pc and I think it comes out nicely. Hope you like this simple wallpaper for all my visitors and subscribers. This wallpaper is called Sunrise and it only comes in 1366×768 pixel size for widescreen display. Enjoy… Download Sunrise Wallpaper Download Hits: 254 - Filetype: .png - Size: 754.76 kB ...read more

Rumbled Messages

Came up with Warning Signs on the road..Download availabe in Wide Screen and Standard Formats.Click here to Download...read more

Internet Explorer 9 Wave Wallpaper

Before i made a IE 9 Wallpaper which comes only in 1024×768 pixels. But now I created another Internet Explorer 9 Wallpaper for 1920x1440px Standard Screen and 1920x1200px Wide Screen size… It took me 2hours making this one, too many styles and creativity spent but it came to my mind, why make so complex when Internet Explorer 9 was created for simplicity and ease of use, so I made it into simple one :) I do hope you like it. Your comments and suggestions are very welcome. Thank you… Download Internet Explorer 9 Wave Download Hits: 988 - File...read more

Clothed Aeon Windows Vista Wallpaper

Clothed Aeon Wallpaper Looks better than previous Clothed IMO.. Comments would be greatly appreciated .. Download and Enjoy!!...read more