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How to Switch Back to Old Facebook Profile Page Layout

Facebook has introduced the new design for profile pages with prominent display of basic profile information, latest photos, friends list and more. However, some users may not like the new design and want to revert back to old Facebook profile page layout. Do you want really to switch back to old Facebook profile page layout design?

Well, technically you can’t revert back to old Facebook profile layout as Facebook Help Center ( notes “You will not be able to switch back to the old design after upgrading”.

Though this, some users have reported that they have successfully switched back to the old layout by deactivating Facebook account for 10 – 15 minutes and then reactivate it again, you will get the old Facebook Profile Page back. I have just tried that way and it works for me. So, did it work with you?

3 Replies to “How to Switch Back to Old Facebook Profile Page Layout”

  1. Caroline Soriero

    Facebook crew,
    You have so many seniors who uses facebook to keep in touch with our children & grandchildren through facebook, a lot of us get confused as it is with all of this technology and now you have to go an change facebook on us? I know! Why don’t you make a senior’s account, less confusing and easy to keep in touch. I want my old format back, Please!

  2. Rosemary cressey

    I was having trouble wit my I pad and when it was all cleaned out and apparently fixed I have a new version of Facebook .li hate the new version and am at a place in my life where don’t complicate things .
    Want my old version back but still would have to count on having it done by someone that can figure it out.
    Please consider the older people who are trying to keep up but …new is not always best.

  3. Bindaas Aks007

    To hell with Fuckbook and all this Bloody feature…
    Every action has both negative and positive reaction..
    well to monitor children’s is nothing wrong for parents to do.
    what if i say this technology made me do horrible things in life coz my own traitor family used it against me where I use to feel it’s all ghostly things happening around me.
    Even on my face all use to lie even by touching holy book.
    what ever the reason was but this cannot be something that by planning all will proof a 33 year old guy retard.
    I want justise
    Can Facebook get me justice
    Can I file a case against them
    last 2 year’s I was in a dark world
    I saw things which was meant for me to see
    coudnt even browse a website coz all was remotely synced
    my device my laptop my Tab
    even my wife modem
    Dose this things sounds crazy??
    I am sure any culprit of my family sees this they will say it’s crazy.
    The Game has just begun
    coz now I see the sunlight
    How can I play with out Google play parent no 1 can imagine.
    I curse this technology.