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How To Get a Google Chrome Offline Standalone Installer

Do you need an offline standalone installer of google chrome from different versions or the latest release? as you noticed we have a few articles on Google Chrome Offline Installers

Google Chrome Offline Installer

So, how do we really get an offline installers for Google Chrome?

1st: Get the latest stable release build number from google chrome blog latest stable releases articles, and take note of the build number. as of this posting date, the latest stable release is v13.0.782.220

2nd: Note the last 6digits of the build number, in this case it would be 782.220. Copy it and change the link below with the latest build number we took.

Now, after we changed the to the latest build number v13.0.782.220, the URL will be like this;

3rd: Enter that URL to your browser and download the latest Google Chrome Offline Installer

That’s all there is to it. Hope it helps 😉

4 Replies to “How To Get a Google Chrome Offline Standalone Installer”

  1. yet

    this offline installer is just a setup installer file that can be run and complete the whole setup process even if you are offline.
    though it still needs an internet connection to browse the web.

  2. yet

    Glad to share it to people like you who drops a comments and giving feedbacks. I appreciate it a lot. Thank you.

  3. HelpfixanyPc

    This is really an amazing post , thanks for sharing this great post , I really need this post and here you are , it is great to see that get  offline  standalone installer of google chrome , thanks for sharing this lovely post. I really like this so much.

  4. cooldudeniksiss

    Hey! I came across this offline installer for the very first time. It sounds something really valuable. Is it useful in accessing chrome in offline mode as well. I am very much curious to know about its use. Can I have some uses of that Installer?