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Capture Active Window and Paste in Windows Paint

Capturing Screenshots in Windows is widely use in ART community and technical fields. Share your screenshots to help you with your windows problem for them to see, or share them to your friends, or just to show it off to everyone.

To give you an idea what I am talking about here’s a screenshot of a full windows desktop.

Full Desktop Screenshot

you’ll notice that we also capture the task manager running, here’s the catch;
but what if we only want to capture that task manager running not the full desktop screenshot? your choice would be to edit that picture in an image editor and crop or resize it to make it smaller, yes? yeah that’s what most average users do.
there are many freeware applications can do that also, but what we are going to achieve here is to capture active window without using any other 3rd party tools, instead we only use Windows Paint.

so without further chitchat, here is the easiest steps.

First, you’ll need to open an application you want to capture, in our example we are going to capture only the Windows Task Manager window.

Second, now that task manager is open, just press this key combination in your keyboard;
ALT + Print Screen Key , done pressing the key? then your good to go.

Third, Open up Windows Paint, Start > Programs > Accessories > Paint.
when your windows paint is already open just Paste it what is copied in your clipboard,
shortcut key for paste is CTRL + V or in Windows Paint from toolbar, Edit > Paste.

Whalla! you have captured the active window and pasted in windows paint. Now you can save it, upload it and share it to someone or share it to the whole world.

This little tip is for beginners and also for advance users who uses too many apps just for a little tasks…

Thank you very much and hope you like this.