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Remove ADS in Yahoo! Messenger Latest Builds with Ad Destroy

Wanted to remove that annoying ads in your Yahoo! Messenger client?

recently we have posted the recent version of Yahoo! Messenger Full Offline Installer and i have been roaming around the web for how to remove that annoying ads, well, i have found one and i will share it to you here.

Remove Yahoo! Messenger ADS
Latest Build Update: Ad Destroy v8.8 (

created by Dermot @ and his updating it to every latest release of Yahoo! Messenger builds, and today we wanted to share it to all who uses Yahoo! Messenger and wanted to remove those banners & ads in Yahoo! Messenger.

Ad Destroy 8.8 has been released and available in downloads in 32bit and 64bit Versions, compatible with Yahoo Messenger 11.5 Build Only.
Supported Yahoo Messenger Builds

  • 11,5,0,0152
  • 11,5,0,0155
  • 11,5,0,0192
  • 11,5,0,0228

Patch To Remove YM ADS

  • Remove Advertisements
  • Enable Polygamy
  • Enable Smiley Search
  • Disable Buzz! Sound
  • Disable Yupdater
  • Disable smileys
  • Disable Audibles
  • Remove Plugins area/Y!Mobile/Y!insider
  • Disable Chat Abuse Link
  • Toggle Nicknames/Usernames
  • Enable Messenger Debug Options
  • Disable Yahoo! Messenger at Startup
  • Remove Main Buddy Window Clutter
  • Disable Address Book

Preview after patching your Yahoo Messenger 11.5 with Ad Destroy

Yahoo Messenger Patched with Ad Destroy

Download Ad Destroy 8.8 via irish-gaming forum (Special thanks & credits to Dermot for continuing building this awesome app)

or you can directly download it below.

Download Ad Destroy v8.8
Download Hits: 815 – Filetype: .zip – Size: 394.26 kB

We also wanted to share you another handy tool that does the same thing “Remove ADS in Yahoo Messenger” is AbrLite Tool that comes with 32bit and 64bit support.

11 Replies to “Remove ADS in Yahoo! Messenger Latest Builds with Ad Destroy”

  1. VietHuong

    oh! after several times, it worked!

  2. VietHuong

    I use it, but it doesn’t work with plug-in game. how to resolve this issue.

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  5. Ade2909

    i can’t log in anymore to my YM account since i add the Ad Destroy 8.7
    can you help me how to rollback??

  6. yet

    Glad it helps… Enjoy.

  7. Mgratzie

    OMG Thank you very much for sharing that. Greetings from romania.

  8. yet

    you are very welcome buddy. Nice to see u back 😉

  9. Meena Bassem

    although i don’t usually use it. i don’t want ads when i use it. thanks for sharing bro 😉

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