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Remove or Clear Clipboard Data in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Another tip to remove or clear windows clipboard data in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows XP with the help of Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer… When we copy files or text, that information is stored temporarily in your windows clipboard. For privacy purposes you may want to remove the data in your clipboard, so others may not use that information, e.g. like your passwords copied to clipboard. This tip will show you how to add Clear Clipboard on your desktop context menu, so you can use that function from your desktop for ease of use. L...read more

Download AbrLite 32bit/64bit – Tool to Remove ADS for Yahoo! Messenger

Another handy tool that eliminate or remove ads on your yahoo messenger AbrLite is a portable app, no need to install in your system. Before we shared you some useful tools that can remove ads in your yahoo messenger, now we are going to show you how easy to disable/remove ads in YM with AbrLite (Ad Banner Remover Lite). after you downloaded AbrLite, extract it and run the tool, check the boxes that corresponds to ads you want to remove or simply click Check All button and click Apply Options. Wait for the app to finish removin...read more

How To Remove or Clear Windows Update History Log in Windows 7

Overtime your Windows Update History Log will display long lists of your installed windows update, here is a simple tip to clear windows update history log… The reason for clearing or removing windows update history log is just to make it clean and make your windows update history refreshed, no performance boost or enhancements whatsoever, though its nice to clean things up a bit. Note: Doing this method will not remove your installed updates, it only removes your history log, and you can save that log information to a different location in ca...read more

Remove ADS in Yahoo! Messenger v11.0.0.2009 Final Release

Are you annoyed by an ADS in your Yahoo! Messenger v11.0.0.2009 and wanted to remove those banners? then check this out. Recently, we shared you a Full Offline Standalone Installer of Yahoo! Messenger v11.0.0.2009 Final, lots of cool stuff and new features integrated like Facebook chat and twitter status updates etc… but one thing that keeps me annoyed is those ads and banners, so in this article you’ll going to remove those ADS in yahoo messenger v11 final with the help of AdBanner Remover Plus. What is AdBanner Remover Plus? is a freeware ...read more

Remove Old System Restore Points in Windows with CCleaner

System Restore Points are backup points which we can use to restore our system to an earlier state, if we experience problems after changing system files, installing apps that causes our system to failure. But having too many restore points also can make our system sluggish and can even cause a slow down to our system, and also consume a lot of disk space in our hard drives. So, removing some old restore points can gain up a bit of space or even make your system loads fast. CCleaner can also remove your old restore points, but you should take ...read more

How To Disable Ribbon in Windows 8 Explorer

Windows 8 Consumer Preview has a new cool feature in Windows Explorer. It has a Ribbon feature like MS Office 2010, but you wanted to disable it. The Windows 8 explorer ribbon new feature is somewhat very handy and useful for me, we can access some basic task from the ribbon and some other tools we usually do, but if you really don’t want to use it and prefer to use the classic like windows 7 explorer, here’s a portable tool that can easily disable windows 8 explorer ribbon feature without affecting Wordpad and MS Paint ribbon features. Ribb...read more

How to Clear/Remove/Prevent Accidental Undo Command in Windows

UndoCommandonWindows.jpg Createadummyfile.jpg ClearRightClickCommand.jpg Many times we Copy, Move or Cut files from different folder locations in Windows to organize things and after moving or cutting files to another destination, on desktop right-click menu or any folder locations, an Undo Command option appears as you noticed, Ctrl+Z is the shortcut key for Undo Command, and then you accidentally press the shortcut key, and all the task you did before will undo things. This is a little frustrating. To prevent that from happenin...read more

How To Remove Pages I Like in Facebook

Many of facebook users invited by friends to Like pages, even if they don’t know or what it is, they just click LIKE Button from a page, but after a while, they decided to remove pages they like in facebook. Here are the steps on how to remove pages you like in facebook. Steps #1 Just go to the page you like and scroll down to the bottom of the page you want to unlike, and from the left side of the page, there’s a Unlike link, just click it to remove the page. and you are done. simple as that. Steps #2 and here is another way to unlike a page...read more

[Update] Remove Watermark in Windows 8 Release Preview (RP) Build 8400 & Consumer Preview (CP) Build 8250

Wanted to remove the watermark or the build information on your Windows 8 Release Preview Build 8400 desktop? then try this tweak to disable or remove the watermark For this past few days, Im beginning to like Windows 8 CP, not to mention it is still on beta stage, and we cannot expect a stable OS to be as primary OS on our machines, but so far It works very well on my machine. Now, one thing that annoyed me is the watermark or the build information on desktop that there’s no availabe option to hide it, to make our desktop more clean & green ;)...read more

Remove ADS in Yahoo! Messenger Latest Builds with Ad Destroy

Wanted to remove that annoying ads in your Yahoo! Messenger client? recently we have posted the recent version of Yahoo! Messenger Full Offline Installer and i have been roaming around the web for how to remove that annoying ads, well, i have found one and i will share it to you here. Latest Build Update: Ad Destroy v8.8 ( created by Dermot @ irish-gaming.net and his updating it to every latest release of Yahoo! Messenger builds, and today we wanted to share it to all who uses Yahoo! Messenger and wanted to remove those banners & ads i...read more