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How to Clear/Remove/Prevent Accidental Undo Command in Windows

Many times we Copy, Move or Cut files from different folder locations in Windows to organize things and after moving or cutting files to another destination, on desktop right-click menu or any folder locations, an Undo Command option appears

Undo Command on Windows

as you noticed, Ctrl+Z is the shortcut key for Undo Command, and then you accidentally press the shortcut key, and all the task you did before will undo things.

This is a little frustrating. To prevent that from happening, this is what i do to clear that undo command, so that all the task you did before will not revert the process…

Let’s Start with the basics!

right-click on your desktop choose NEW > Text Document.

create a new text doc dummy file

just leave the default name for it, no need to change that (this is just a dummy file).

now, after creating that text file, just delete it, now that file goes to your recycle bin, now right-click your recycle bin icon then select Empty Recycle Bin (click YES to confirm).

to verify that your Undo command has been cleared, right-click on your desktop and you’ll notice that there will be no more Undo Command.

Clear Right-Click Command

That’s all there is to it. Simple tip but comes handy when you get used to it.
Thank you for reading and hope this will help you.

See the video below to follow it easily.