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Remove or Clear Clipboard Data in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Another tip to remove or clear windows clipboard data in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows XP with the help of Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer

When we copy files or text, that information is stored temporarily in your windows clipboard. For privacy purposes you may want to remove the data in your clipboard, so others may not use that information, e.g. like your passwords copied to clipboard.

This tip will show you how to add Clear Clipboard on your desktop context menu, so you can use that function from your desktop for ease of use.

Lets Get Started


We need to download Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customizer from here, then right-click the tool and Run as administrator


From the Tool, click Desktop from Context Menu Location, from right-side of the tool Add Pre-Defined Items, scroll down then click Clear Clipboard from the commands, and click Add Item from the bottom of the tool


Now, the command is added in your desktop context menu, you can right-click your desktop and choose Clear Clipboard

That’s all there is to it. Every time you use that command on your desktop context menu, your clipboard data will be cleared.

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