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How To Remove Pages I Like in Facebook

Many of facebook users invited by friends to Like pages, even if they don’t know or what it is, they just click LIKE Button from a page, but after a while, they decided to remove pages they like in facebook.

Here are the steps on how to remove pages you like in facebook.

Steps #1

Just go to the page you like and scroll down to the bottom of the page you want to unlike, and from the left side of the page, there’s a Unlike link, just click it to remove the page.

Click Unlike Link

and you are done. simple as that.

Steps #2

and here is another way to unlike a page, by going to your Profile

Profile Link

and click Edit my Profile

Edit my Profile

from the left sidebar, click Likes and Interests

Likes and Interests

and scroll down and click Show Other Pages.

Show Other Pages

after clicking Show Other Pages a facebook dialogue box pop-ups, just click Remove Page to a page you want to remove.

Other Pages You Like

and when your done, just click Close and Save Changes.

you can also Undo it, if you mistakenly removed the wrong page you like.

Undo Remove Page

That’s it. Hope this little guide helps you.
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