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Opera Mobile v11.10(1583) & Opera Mini v6.10(25380) Updates

The Best browser for Mobile Phones Opera Mobile and Opera Mini added more features & improved. Check out whats new…

Opera Mobile 11.10 (1583) and Opera Mini v6.10 (25380) added this new features:

  • Search suggestions from Google and Yandex will appear when you start typing in the search field.
  • You can now search directly from the address bar! The search option will appear in the drop down list when you type something.
  • The text selection is greatly improved for touch screen devices. Just click on the text you want to select, then drag the handles to adjust the selection and press “Select”.
  • Opera Turbo improvements for Opera Mobile. More speed!
  • Improved picture quality for Opera Turbo using WebP.
  • And more!..

The difference between the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers:

The Opera Mini browser uses Opera’s servers to shake, rattle and roll webpages down to a tenth of their original size before sending them to your phone. Because the data transferred is smaller, pages arrive faster than the speed of sound. On a pay-as-you-go plan, the Opera Mini browser dramatically cuts the price you pay, because the data you use is greatly reduced. The Opera Mini browser makes any device Internet savvy.

Download Opera Mini v6.10 (25380) for Symbian
Download Hits: 2727 – Filetype: .html – Size:

The Opera Mobile browser gives you the whole of the moon on smartphones and tablets. The strange magic of HTML5? Check. Full, high fidelity web browsing? Check. Sharing the same Opera Presto browser engine found in Opera’s desktop browser, the Opera Mobile browser is the premier option for fast, powerful browsing when on unlimited Internet data plans or Wi-Fi.

Download Opera Mobile v11.10 (1583) for Symbian
Download Hits: 4119 – Filetype: .html – Size:

Download Opera Browser for Symbian now and give us your feedbacks from the comment box below.
How about Opera for Windows PC? Check it out Opera 11.50 for Windows

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