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Yahoo! Messenger Final Full Offline Installer [Direct Download Link]

The final version of Yahoo! Messenger 11 is now available. This is Full Direct Download Offline Installer from Yahoo! server.

We already shared you some articles about Yahoo! Messenger Offline Installers, now its time for the latest release of Yahoo! Messenger.

So, What’s new with Yahoo! Messenger 11?

This latest version incorporates many bug fixes and we’ve improved the general stability of the product.
Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect in Messenger 11:

Invite your friend to play a game – In addition to instant messages, text messages, voice and video calls, you can now play popular social games such as Mafia Wars and Fishville right within Yahoo! Messenger.
Keep up with friends wherever they are – View, comment on and like updates from Yahoo! Pulse, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and more, all from right within Yahoo! Messenger.
Post one status to multiple social networks – Share your Messenger status simultaneously on Yahoo! Pulse, Facebook, and Twitter.
Chat with Facebook friends – In addition to your friends on Windows Live, you can now IM your Facebook friends. Continue your conversations on the go using Mobile Web Messenger, SMS Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger App for Android.
Always be available – Stay signed in to multiple PCs simultaneously so you never have to miss a message.
Easy access to recent conversations – Retrieve all your IM conversations from any PC where you have signed in to Yahoo! Messenger.
Personalize your experience with fresh new skins – Express yourself and show off your personality with one of the 7 newly added messenger skins.

New Update: Yahoo! Messenger version has been released and available for download below.
New Features:

  • Tab support in IM windows
  • Improved spam management
  • New social games
  • Quick access to recent contacts
  • Improved archive management
  • Share screenshots with friends
  • All emoticons available, no more hidden emoticons
  • Romanian version available

Changelog: A newer version, Yahoo! Messenger is now available.
Please update your version of Yahoo! Messenger to ensure that you have the latest features and security updates. Click the “Update Now” button to continue or Download v11.5.0.228 below.

Download Yahoo! Messenger v11.5.0.228 Offline Installer for Windows
Download Hits: 45530 – Filetype: .exe – Size:

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