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Opera 11.50 ‘Next’ with Speed Dial extensions (Download Link)

Opera 11.50 ‘Next’ gives you a separate installation of the Opera browser that lets you try our latest pre-release versions without affecting your main Opera installation.

Also, your Opera Next installation is automatically updated as new versions become available. Opera Next builds may be unstable or contain bugs, but they let you be among the first try out our latest technologies.


New Feature: Live, interactive Speed Dial
This release takes extensions to the next level. Opera again breaks new ground with Speed Dial extensions. This allows developers to add innovative new functionality to your Speed Dial, offering all kinds of powerful capabilities. A click of your mouse opens a new tab that could show live news feeds, display the weather, present email notifications or much more.

Download Opera 11.50 NEXT for Windows

Update: Opera 11.50 Final has been released, Check it out for features, details and download link.

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