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Blockoban: Finally, a Fun, Free, Puzzler For the New Year

Usually, the FREE games listed in the App Store are pretty brutally cheap. Yes, they are free, but man, would it kill the game developers to present their app a little better than that? Take Tap Defense, for example. I mean the game just looks beautiful, has depth, and has updates coming every once in a while just to let the gamers know that they are committed. Why can’t most apps be like this one? Most of the time, we find a faulty game that’s barely playable for more than an hour and it’s immediately trashed forever.

One wrong move and the level can&#39-t be completed

I was skeptical towards the free puzzle app, Blockoban, seeing my past experiences with free apps has been nothing short of horrendous. The game devs said the game is basically a premium app that is given to the public for free to try, (an idea that I’m desperately trying to get game devs on board with) and the full game requires a in-game purchase. What you get, is a in-depth tutorial and a good amount of puzzles (100 in all) to befuddle your mind and your fingers.

It’s a simple block sliding game, in the same influence of games like “Fling!”, but instead you are using blocks. The object of the game is to take the lone blocks and match them with their corresponding color in order to progress to the next level. When you slide a block, it moves until it collides with something, and the levels often require strategy and a bit of planning ahead or else you’ll end up begin stuck.

You will have to slide rings into specific positions to move forward

The game sure has a lot of good things going for it. It’s got Plus+ online integration, colorful albeit basic graphics, enticing music, fun yet simple gameplay, solid controls, and a variety of block types and obstacles to keep you on your toes. Also, a nice feature is the unlimited undo because, take it from me, you’re going to make your share of boo boos, and you’re going to need that undo button like you needed a bib when you were a baby.

Hey, it’s free, why not give it a try? Regardless of your gaming tastes, I recommend everyone give this surprisingly fun little app a try. You’ll be getting an addicting puzzle, complete with refreshingly sleek gameplay, simplistic controls, brain teasing puzzles and altogether a quality app for not a single dollar out of your wallet. Give it a try, you’re only a block away from Blockoban.


2 Replies to “Blockoban: Finally, a Fun, Free, Puzzler For the New Year”

  1. k88dad

    Definitely worth a download unless you hate all puzzle games.

    I often download the lite version of games in genres that I’m “sort of” into. I often never download the full version, but I enjoy a little variety. That would qualify as a quality, free game (not that ALL lite versions are quality.)

  2. Stewie

    This is the type of puzzle game that I really go for. Very challenging, yet so simple at times. Controls are intuitive and the whole presentation is very nice.