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Top 10 Paid Android Games

It is one thing for a free app to rise to the top of the Android market, but something extraordinary for a paid Android game to do so with a collectively high user rating and massive download numbers. (more…)...read more

Blockoban: Finally, a Fun, Free, Puzzler For the New Year

Usually, the FREE games listed in the App Store are pretty brutally cheap. Yes, they are free, but man, would it kill the game developers to present their app a little better than that? Take Tap Defense, for example. I mean the game just looks beautiful, has depth, and has updates coming every once in a while just to let the gamers know that they are committed. Why can't most apps be like this one? Most of the time, we find a faulty game that's barely playable for more than an hour and it's immediately trashed forever.One wrong move and th...read more

Cronk Review

There are very few people who have wasted time on a computer and haven't tried a game like Zuma or Puzzle Loop. And this genre is perfect for the mobile play, especially on the great screen and touch control capabilities of the IPhone/iTouch. We've seen a few of these games already, and now it's time to take a look at one of the early entries in the App Store that's been given an update…- Cronk. (more…)...read more

Picture Hunt Mania

Okay, let’s get this out of the way. I’ve never considered myself really into the whole “spot the difference” type of game. I mean, sure when I was a kid I had a good time noticing that one of the girl’s pigtails was missing, and there was a certain pride in finding that before my friends, but eventually the thrill faded. (more…)...read more


Textropolis isn't an application you've likely not heard about before. It's not gotten the proper recognition or promotion that other titles have gotten, so let me clue you in on one of the app stores hidden gems. (more…)...read more