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Textropolis isn’t an application you’ve likely not heard about before. It’s not gotten the proper recognition or promotion that other titles have gotten, so let me clue you in on one of the app stores hidden gems.

Textropolis is composed of 30 levels of gameplay based around your ability to make words out of different city locations around the world.

The only rule is that these words must be at least 4 characters long, each letter can be used only once, and the words used can not be proper nouns.

textropolishYou start with the city Kingstown, and upon entering the game you will notice across the top of the screen your total score, the number of completed words for this level out of the number of possible answers and your star rating, along with a postcard sender (email your friends your score).

This game is not about racing against some artificial timer, it’s simple about challenging your mind to find words from a mix of letters much like the game scrabble.

Upon entering a proper word the bottom section of the screen will light up the submit button. When you submit the word a plane will fly by with a banner with the definition of the word you submitted.

The word will also be added to the background and will slowly scroll across the screen, so you know what words you have already entered.

Should you find yourself stuck and in need of a clue you can simply shake the iDevice and you will be asked if you want a hint. Be warned though that using hints takes away people (your points). If you choose to follow this route and select yes pay attention as a plane will fly by with a banner with One letter of the word in a hangman style (example K_ _ _ &#8211- The head of a country).

You need to pay attention like I said because once you use the hint, you can not review the hint again, and any successive requests for hints will result in different words being generated.

text2This is the only problem I would like to see be addressed as far as game play mechanics go. As I think you should be able to revisit that hint again and again until you get the word. Some of the definitions need two or three views for me to properly understand their meaning.

Once you complete 10% of the total words for a selected city you will unlock the next city, so if you find yourself at a mental impasse you can move on to a new set of letters and revisit previous cities at any time.

There are literally hundreds of hours of game play in this title, and while I don’t foresee someone sitting here for hours on end I do think this is a great pick up and play title as well as an educational tool in shorter bursts. Having said that I just noticed I spent an hour just now trying to complete some of these words and trying for the next star level!

The game lacks any kind of leader board though there are 5 slots for different players which tally you total scores for each user, but I would love to see how I ranked up against other users per level. Hopefully this can be addressed as it would add more incentive to push through the cities.

In the end I found Textropolis to be a very clean, polished, and educational game with a challenging and addicting objective. It’s a pleasure to find games that challenge the mind, and get you into the game. This is one of those titles that should be on everyone phone.

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12 Replies to “Textropolis”

  1. Alyssa

    It sucks that you guys had/have to buy it I got it on pandora box for free and its really fun but im still stuck on the last five words for the last level

  2. Matthew

    wow this app really sounds good

    i love mind-challenging games

    will prop buy it

  3. fanchee

    I love word games and will be trying this one out for sure!

  4. Glenn

    Congrats to orioin7868t you won the free APP!

  5. orioin7868t

    wow, this gives you like 100 hours of play for a dollar!

    looks great, thanks for the review!!!

  6. Bob

    I have to agree that this is a great game. My wife and I are totally hooked and it’s becoming the first button hit when I know I’ve got a minute or two to spare. Though I still find it amazing that there are so many words to make! I used to rule at TextTwist and could often find all the words in the time limit, but, man once you get to around 200 words in those cities with over 300 it gets tough! Tough in a good way!

  7. Glenn

    200 man I need more practice I’m stuck at around 125

  8. AndyPaige

    It’s a really great game, 100% recommended!

  9. akame

    this looks like a word game i will like spending my time guessing. even better with the hints!

    my country is on the list of textropolis!

  10. Ian Marsh

    Thanks for the review! Not sure high score boards would be much fun for a game at which it is to easy to cheat!

  11. Daniel Deutsch

    This game is like a cool version of text twist. That being said, it seems like it might be too hard to get every single word in a town.

  12. Carolynn

    You’d be amazed at how many 4 letter words you can find in each city. I love this game! I actually like to play it at the same time as my hubby and we battle each other to find as many words as we can.