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Iron Wars, a new 3D shooter from AppMania

More detailed information about the game is available on the blog http://appmania.org/ironwars/ We found out that this December AppMania Company will unveil an excellent 3D shooter with the plan view called “Iron Wars”. The developers say that under this promising title we can expect: (more…)...read more

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit iPhone Review

This week, EA Games released the latest version of their long lived saga Need for Speed into the app store. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit follows in the footsteps of NFS: Shift, which took the game back to its roots and was a welcome return to form with both the console version and the iPhone version being well received. The question is have they managed to maintain the momentum with this latest version? (more…)...read more

Review: NHL 2K11 Scores as the Best iPhone Hockey Game

I’m not sure what the marketing strategy was for NHL 2K11 for the iPhone, but it’s sufficient to say that the release of one of the best sports games on the platform almost went unnoticed. Without much pre-release hype other than a press release, NHL 2K11 deserves the accolades it will hopefully receive in the next few weeks. (more…)...read more

Just “Farm It!”: new iPad game from AppMania is already available in App Store

Price: $2.99 Download link: iTunes We became aware that Ukrainian folks from AppMania developed a wonderful game with an interesting implication. This arcade is called Farm it! and its point is as follows: The young and sappy Rooster tries to procreate as many offsprings as possible. Of course, it has some foes in this large order, the main of them are The Old Rooster, The Dog and various wild animals accidentally penetrating the farm where The Young Rooster makes a living. (more…)...read more

Review: Doodle Sky Pro – Is This Doodle Flight Control Clone Worth a Buck?

Doodle Sky is similar to Flight Control in that you draw the flight path of aircrafts but instead of avoiding obstacles and trying to land planes, you attack or protect other planes using your own plane depending on the mission. The game is simple to understand with easy controls, but it can get extremely difficult, almost too difficult for beginners. (more…)...read more

Madden NFL 2011 iPhone and iPad Video Review

Are you ready for some football? Madden NFL 2011 has been released on both the iPhone and iPad and today we have a video review that compares and contrast both versions. (more…)...read more

Modern Conflict Review: A Fun But Light RTS Experience

There’s some great RTS games on the App Store, but some of them have so many features and so much content it can be overwhelming. Modern Conflict is nice because it’s simple to understand, fun to play and the games are short enough to be good on the go. (more…)...read more

Aqua Moto 2 Review – an intense and worthy racing sequel

The typical sequel has never received much respect. From movies to music, sequels have a tendency to underperform especially after successful debuts. That’s why my expectations were somewhat tempered when I heard about Resolution Interactive’s Aqua Moto 2. I can honestly say that the sequel was not only worth the wait, but delivers a nifty yet intense water racer to keep you on the edge of your Bahama shorts. (more…)...read more

Zen Bound 2 Universal: an original puzzle

Price: $2.99 Download link: iTunes Puzzles have always been popular and thrilling way of pastime. Though, unfortunately, they all resemble each other at any rate, they duplicate classic ideas and their implementation is almost always identical. But Secret Exit Ltd offers perfectly nonstandard approach to well-liked puzzles with its updated Zen Bound 2 Universal. (more…)...read more

TowerMadness HD: sheep, aliens and weapon

Price: $7.99 Download link: iTunes TowerMadness HD is another tower defense strategy game. Its gameplay is rather played out – aliens want to hurt your flock. I could never understand why do other civilizations need our sheep? 3D graphics and ability to play this game with a friend a little variegate and prettify the game. The video shows the app in action: (more…)...read more