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Review: Doodle Sky Pro – Is This Doodle Flight Control Clone Worth a Buck?

Doodle Sky is similar to Flight Control in that you draw the flight path of aircrafts but instead of avoiding obstacles and trying to land planes, you attack or protect other planes using your own plane depending on the mission. The game is simple to understand with easy controls, but it can get extremely difficult, almost too difficult for beginners.

Even though I do think the doodle theme is a sign of development laziness, it’s not like the game is a product of a complete lack of effort. There are plenty of features to make Doodle Sky worth its price. The game has Open Feint, which is nice but it doesn’t have any achievements, 8 different aircrafts with their own set of capabilities and strengths, 40 different missions, 11 different medals which can be obtained and an extra “Death” mode unlockable by completing all the missions. Plus you get graded on a three star scale at the end of each mission, so there’s potential for replayability if you want to score perfectly on missions. And, as I’ve said before, the controls are easy to understand and responsive and the in game music doesn’t get annoying either.

However, Doodle Sky does have its flaws. It’s a little too challenging for a casual game- a lot of on the go gamers won’t really want to sit down and get into the game enough to try to beat those really difficult missions. I’ve also noticed a lot of grammatical errors and the font the game uses to outline missions is so childlike and sloppy it’s hard to read. And Open Feint should definitely have achievements that can be unlocked for points.

Overall Doodle Sky is worth a dollar. It’s not an amazing game and you may not even hold onto it long enough to complete all the missions, but it’s still entertaining enough to warrant its price tag. The idea is pretty unoriginal as is the art style, but for some reason I keep coming back. Doodle Sky is easy to understand, has plenty of content and is pretty fun, though it does have its imperfections. For a dollar, however, I would recommend trying it out.

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