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Just “Farm It!”: new iPad game from AppMania is already available in App Store

Price: $2.99
Download link: iTunes

We became aware that Ukrainian folks from AppMania developed a wonderful game with an interesting implication. This arcade is called Farm it! and its point is as follows:

The young and sappy Rooster tries to procreate as many offsprings as possible. Of course, it has some foes in this large order, the main of them are The Old Rooster, The Dog and various wild animals accidentally penetrating the farm where The Young Rooster makes a living.

Gamer’s task is to control this passionate Young Rooster and bring into the world maximal offsprings number in a definite time.

The gameplay is as follows:

– To choose the laying hen you like and make a chick with it
– To perform the same acts with other hens without waiting till the issue appears
– To try not to fall into The Dog’s and Old Rooster’s clutches
– To pick up good bonuses and avoid bad ones
– To defend nests from wild animals

Farm it! has a wonderful bright graphics, cheerful and rousing music, evergreen and catching gameplay full of many tight situations and ticklish moments. But above all, there is very good implemented the original idea, as Farm it! is the first game in this style in App Store. Let’s watch the teaser:

Farm it! features:

– 4 countries, each consists of 7 levels;
– Cheerful and catching gameplay;
– 6 different enemies;
– Unique game locations;
– 9 different bonuses;
– A lot of lively animations;
– Positive background music;
– 4 game modes;
– 2 types of mini-games;
– OpenFeint integration due to which you get: leaderboards, online communication, achievements
and statistics;
– Twitter and Facebook integration.

The game really deserves consideration, all the more so, this wonder is already available in App Store and the price for such a colorful game is ridiculous – only $2.99.