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Just “Farm It!”: new iPad game from AppMania is already available in App Store

Price: $2.99 Download link: iTunes We became aware that Ukrainian folks from AppMania developed a wonderful game with an interesting implication. This arcade is called Farm it! and its point is as follows: The young and sappy Rooster tries to procreate as many offsprings as possible. Of course, it has some foes in this large order, the main of them are The Old Rooster, The Dog and various wild animals accidentally penetrating the farm where The Young Rooster makes a living. (more…)...read more

Dart Weider would be happy :)

Price: free Download link: iTunes If your life is full of negative emotions and you would like to get rid of them without hurting other people, then immediately download Fingerzilla. Imagine that all buildings in the city are your problems and troubles, and you can destroy them just with one of your finders. Let’s do this:) (more…)...read more

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge for iPad

Price: $9.99 Download link: iTunes All retro games fans should be happy as LucasArts finally adapted well-liked Monkey Island 2 for iPad and, believe me, you will like it. If you never heard about Monkey Island, we will tell you a little: (more…)...read more

Great artists on your iPad

Three wonderful apps: Da Vinci HD Price: $0.99 Download link: iTunes Van Gogh HD Price: $0.99 Download link: iTunes Rembrandt HD Price: $0.99 Download link: iTunes by Boram Kim, combining works of great artists of all time, are now available in AppStore and they are definitely worthwhile. (more…)...read more

App Store and iTunes are cracked

Many Apple App Store and iTunes users are losing their money. Some of them are losing several tens of dollars and others are hundreds of dollars short. Currently it is known that one of victims of hacker’s attack has been stolen over $600. (more…)...read more

Andersens Fairy Tales on your iPad

Price: $8.99 Download link: iTunes Game Collage released a wonderful program for Apple iPad last Friday – The Little Mermaid and other stories by Hans Christian Andersen. The app combines traditional story telling and modern technologies, its graphics is impressive. (more…)...read more

Beautiful Solitaire for iPad

Price: $1.99 Download link: ...read more

DreamBook Pro for iPad: all dream books in one app

Price: $ 3.99 Download link: iTunes I am sure everyone at least once in life wanted to look into the future, get an advice how to act in some difficult situation, sort out his / her feelings. AppMania provides us such opportunity due to its DreamBook Pro app for iPad. Do you think it’s a fortuneteller and psychologist all-in-one? You have another guess coming! This is a collection of most popular and interesting dream books. (more…)...read more

Math Flash Cards HD – simple mathematics

Price: $7.99 Download link: iTunes AppStore has so many entertaining and educational apps as though there are summer holidays now, children should remember everything they learned during the past year. To improve grader’s numerical ability, there was developed Math Flash Cards HD – a splendid educational app aimed at perfecting children’s addition, subtraction, multiplication and division math skills. (more…)...read more

Shark Tale HD: rescue endangered fishes

Price: $0.99 Download link: iTunes Did you always want to feel like a superhero and save the world? AppMania affords you such opportunity by means of its wonderful game Shark Tale HD for Apple iPad. You have very important mission – to save rare fiches from extinction, Greenpeace would be pleased (more…)...read more