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Tamagotchi on your iPad in Pocket Creatures app

Price: $2.99
Download link: iTunes

Tamagotchi is an electronic pet which we’ve remembered since childhood; almost everyone had a cybercat or cyberdog, which required feeding, playing and consideration. Now pets are available on your iPad in 3D format and with entertaining story. Let’s watch the video:

A few words about the gameplay: at the beginning of the game you release your cyberpet from eggshell and thus you actually give it birth :) Now choose your pet’s name and color. Remember, that you have a set of provision, clothes and help. There is feeding, sleep and viability control to help you take care of your cybercreature.

By the way, to feed your little animal you have to grow vegetables first and find hidden grains. The creature has superpowers, such as releasing lightning or other animals freezing. There is also mini-quest in the game, in which you’ll have to search for ghosts.

In general, the app is very amusing and it will provide you with pleasant cares. All you have to do is love, feed and never hurt your creature. The game is available in AppStore for $2.99.