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Prince of Persia Retro on your iPad!!!

Price: $0.99
Download link: iTunes

That’s fantastic! Adorable by so many people game Prince of Persia Retro is now available for iPad. It brings us back to our childhood or youth, to unbelievable feelings about adventures. I loved this game!!! Just remember those insidious knifes, strange elixirs, mirrors, falling ceilings… But let’s pass lyrics and talk about new version of the game.

Controls are simple arrows that represent the digital “L, R, U, D” controls. Folks from Ubisoft almost didn’t change the design, level textures and saved the original game stylistics, for this I would give a special thanks to them as that were those awkward heroes we once grew fond of.

What’s new:

– use new button “f Connnect” to share information with your friends on Facebook;

– level select menu;

– file of the game can be synced both with iPhone and iPad.

Here is the video:

Memories of your childhood will cost you 0.99$ in AppStore.