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Finger Footie iPhone Review: A Decent Soccer Game

Finger Footie is an alright game, though certainly not in the tear of Real Soccer, X2 Soccer or FIFA. Those looking for a true, full soccer game should look elsewhere, but for anyone interested in a more casual game, Finger Footie could provide a decent experience.

Obviously the point of Finger Footie is to score more points than your opponent, but it lacks a lot of features most soccer games have. There’s no season mode or anything like that, just single player quick play. There are no real teams or real players, in fact your players don’t even have names- it’s just your team’s color versus your opponent’s team’s color. The good thing about quick play is you do get some customization, you get to choose the game length, the teams’ colors and the player formations, but all in all the game is still pretty featureless. The game doesn’t even keep track of your overall record.

The menus in the game are pretty simple and sloppy, but the actual graphics of the game are okay. The in game music can get really repetitive. The good thing is the controls work really well for the game- tap where you want to move, tap on a player to pass it to that player and slide your finger to shoot. I’ve had no problem with the controls and definitely prefer them over a D-Pad or other virtual buttons. I’ve found that the pause button is pretty unresponsive though. Finger Footie also has Open Feint, but no achievements, so the only thing Open Feint really provides is leaderboards.

Overall Finger Footie is definitely only for those seeking a casual soccer game- those looking for something really in depth will be very disappointed. The gameplay is pretty entertaining but it can get boring after a while. The game is just lacking some extra polish and features to make it worth it. It’s currently on sale for two dollars, which is a decent price, but I definitely would not recommend paying anything above that. I’m rating the game a B because I did find it pretty fun and it has great controls, but because of its lack of features, there is some value for soccer fans just not at the $1.99 asking price. Finger Footie is available for both the iPad and iPhone devices as a universal application.

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