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Dart Weider would be happy :)

Price: free
Download link: iTunes

If your life is full of negative emotions and you would like to get rid of them without hurting other people, then immediately download Fingerzilla. Imagine that all buildings in the city are your problems and troubles, and you can destroy them just with one of your finders. Let’s do this:)

First this was the iPhone app but now it’s adapted for iPad. So, the aim of the game is the world chaos – you’ll have to shatter, destroy, kill, in a word, you’ll be like real Dart Weider :) The more tricks you mean, the more scores you get.

The following video shows the gameplay:

Game features:

– hundreds of ways to demolish;

– variety of buildings to smash into rubble;

– special aims and objects you have to destroy;

– increasing complexity and time decrease with each new level;

– scores and stats of all kinds, saved permanently between games;

– OpenFeint 2.4 support for online high scores and achievements;

– 6 levels.

So far the iPad version of the game is free in AppStore. So, download it, it’s an antistress, after all :)