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Flick Fishing HD

Price: $2.99
Download link: iTunes

Fishing season is in the height and this is confirmed with large amount of downloads of various fishing apps, especially for Apple iPad. For example, over one and a half million people play Flick Fishing HD! But, it should be noted that the app is really great fishing simulator.

See the game in action:

Very realistic gameplay cannot but please. In this game you need:

– bait;
– cast the line, moving your iPad;
– choose a comfortable position;
– and land a fish in time.

You should be very attentive and careful to avoid snapping a fishing line, losing a fish and breaking a rod.

You can:

– select out of 8 fishing locations;
– make the right choice out of 9 types of bait and tackle to catch as many fishes as possible;
– participate in any of 12 tournaments;
– catch dozens of unique species of fish;
– read detailed information about your catch;
– play against your friends with Network and Hotseat play;
– share your latest catch via E-mail to boast and confirm a fishing tale that you’ve caught an
enormous fish :)