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Hotel Mogul HD: strategy with a plot for iPad

Price: $6.99
Download link: iTunes

Hotel Mogul HD is a great strategy and management emulator. If you’re bored with racing, shooting and board games, it’s for you, as here you’ll manage a resort on paradisal shore. You’ll plunge into a business with all its pitfalls, meannesses and, of course, high money.

So, there is a resort map – 5 locations which include 35 levels. Each level gives you some challenges you have to cope with for in a definite time.

In the capacity of manager you’ll have to:

– plan construction of hotels in certain regions;

– allocate funds;

– procure materials;

– hire employees.

In other words, you’ll have to do your best to increase number of stars in your hotels.

The following video shows the app in action:

Game features:

– five exotic locations;
– 35 levels;
– four mini-games;
– six kinds of hotels;
– vibrant graphics and sound