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Shoot monsters with your every day items in Tweet Defense

Price: $ 2.99
Download link: iTunes

Tweet Defense is a very interesting and unusual project which combines a shooter and social network Twitter. So, imagine zombies slowly attacking your positions, and you’re annihilating them – shooting with… your every day items in Twitter.

So, Tweet Defense HD’s storyline goes like this. A fatal marketing virus has turned half the world’s population into brain eating zombies. Now they are hunting for you and your friends’ brains and grey matter. Oh, Lord!! What’s to be done?! All we have on hand is the Internet, though it’s great and powerful, so we can involve our Twitter friends into this, as one man can’t win a war with zombies :) Together with your friends build defense towers out of every day items.

Game features:

– 10 levels that build from easy walk in the park to a horror show;

– 5 whacked out enemy types;

– 6 tower types including the new brain shock tower that turns your enemies against each other and the unique BOOSTER tower that lets you use selected twitter celebs to boost your tower stats.

Tweet Defense has been recently released for iPhone and iPad for $2.99 and $7.99 respectively, rather expensive but the game is very addictive :)

The video below shows the gameplay for iPhone: