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Hit the bulls eye!

Price: $3.99
Download link: iTunes

Recently we have published the video showing the guys shooting Apple iPad with a Barrett M82A1, there was a shooting mark drawn on the iPad’s screen. Now that shooting mark is available in KL Dartboard app but we will use darts instead of a Barrett as a weapon. Though the darts will be unusual… ;)

In fact, we need two Apple devices: iPad as a dartboard and iPhone as actually darts. Isn’t it funny? It’s like a competition between older and younger brother :)

Game features:

– it’s meant for two players;

– Bluetooth “Peer to Peer” Connection to a second device;

– very realistic sound effects.

Simply aim you iPhone by tilting it left, right, up, or down, then with a quick shake motion throw your first dart and hit the bull’s eye! Watch the video to see it in action:

KL Dartboard will cost you $3.99, there is also light free version for iPhone.