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Mirror’s Edge on iPad!

Price: $12.99
Download link: iTunes

From the moment Mirror’s Edge appeared on consoles, it became very popular. Most likely, for that very reason developers decided to adapt it for Apple iPad. To those who’ve never played this game, I’ll explain – this is a fantastic action in which you are to fight with all sorts of villains, overcome obstacles, though, your main task is… to run.

Let’s start with the video about the gameplay:

Of course, the game is a little simplified, but it still is wonderful. The video shows that Mirror’s Edge has easy and handy controls – just a couple of gestures, by means of which you can run, jump, slide, fight etc. Overall, there are 14 levels of increasing intensity. In addition, there is a single-player mode and two-player mode.

Mirror’s Edge is already available in iTunes for $12.99 and believe me, it’s worthwhile!