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Shark Tale HD: rescue endangered fishes

Price: $0.99
Download link: iTunes

Did you always want to feel like a superhero and save the world? AppMania affords you such opportunity by means of its wonderful game Shark Tale HD for Apple iPad. You have very important mission – to save rare fiches from extinction, Greenpeace would be pleased :)

Well, the game is simple and well-liked, but it is performed in rather interesting way. There are two game modes: Logic and Arcade, the gameplay is realized depending on what of two variations
you like better.

In Logic mode you should select any ball and blow another ball of the same color using the first ball; balls must be near each other. After the third eliminated ball, the first one blows itself. The “eliminator” is vibrating, so you won’t forget the ball you’ve blown other balls with :)

In Arcade mode we make chains of balls of the same color, minimal number of selected balls is three, and then chains blow. Of course, the longer the chain is the more scores you get, and the main thing, the more fishes you release :)

There are many additional bonuses in the app, such as multicolored bombs, making the game more colorful and absorbing. You can always view your results in score table.

Due to Shark Tale absorbing gameplay requiring logics and attentiveness, nice graphics, realistic effects and splendid sound nobody will remain indifferent. So, look for the game in AppStore, it will cost you mere $0.99.

Download link for Shark Tale HD