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Space Rage 3D

As a child one of my most vivid memories was spending the night at a friends house. His parents let us stay up late and watch the first (4th) Star Wars movie. It was at that point that I decided that the coolest job in the world would be to pilot an X-Wing or Tie Fighter. Space Rage brings that feeling to your iDevice.

img_00012Space Rage is completely straight forward, which is a good thing and a not so good thing at the same time. You start the game and jump straight into fighting, which is nice if you want to blow things up right away, but disheartening for those who enjoy some back story.

When you start the app you are given four options, Highscores, Instructions, Start Game, and Options.

Highscores and Start Game are self explanatory, Instructions explains the icons you see on your screen (pictured), and Options brings you to a screen that lets you Invert the X axis, Y axis, or both, as well as adjust the sensitivity of the accelerometer. Options unfortunately does not let you calibrate the level at which your accelerometer is neutral.

This game is actually quite fun in small doses, but suffers from being too repetitive. All you do is fly around and blast other ships. Firing is simple as all you have to do is push the fire button, steering is handled through the accelerometer and barrel rolls are executed with the top left and right buttons. One thing that bothered me was when ramming into another ship you simply bounce off of it. I actually had trouble dieing in this game. The nice things were that the visuals were actually pretty decent and the gameplay was smooth.

img_00013The sounds in this game are what you would expect. Pushing down the thrust gives a sound that you would imagine a turbo jet would make and firing shots give off a futuristic bloop. I of course had to suspend my disbelief as if I were truly in space there would be no sounds at all.

One sound I do wish I heard though would be some sort of soundtrack. If a soundtrack were included in a future update it would really encourage gamers to fight a little longer.

As of this writing I can say that this game will not disappoint many considering its small price tag (0.99) and with updates promised it will only get better.

(Version 1.75 reviewed on a iPhone 3G with 2.2 Frimware) [BUY IT HERE]

11 Replies to “Space Rage 3D”

  1. B master

    Did anyone ever win this game in a contest ’cause if not maybe I can!

  2. Glenn

    yes that was given away..

  3. jmh11

    This looks like fun!

  4. Yeah Right

    As of this writing I can say that this game will not disappoint many considering its small price tag (0.99) and with updates promised it will only get better.

    No updates for this version

    The dev has decided too release a V2.00 and people who have V1.00 can go whistle because “I want to be as honest as possible with people here

    do I continue to work for peanuts on space rage 1 in a vain attempt to keep some random people who I’ve never met or will meet happy?,”(his words)

  5. George

    Well that is sad to hear.

  6. Glenn

    Wow that is pretty crappy for the developer to openly state that. I mean it’s one thing to let it die, but to openly say screw you is beyond idiotic.

  7. Bob

    Well… Since I have never met the dev I guess I don’t have to fork over my money to make him happy.

    Seems like a sad way to do business. Or “not” do business.

  8. akame

    this reminds me of star i love that movie. Now i can be a fighter of star wars with this game

  9. Big Albie

    Space Rage is a great game whenever you in the mood for a shump. I agree though that it doesn’t have much of a story and it’s tough to get destroyed. But, the developer has done a good job listening and implementing user feedback.

  10. The Game Reaper

    Hmm this looks interesting…

  11. inogard

    This looks interesting. Although I will say it again: Any app using the accelerometer needs to have a calibrate function!