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ClusterBall Arcade

If you are looking for a break from all of the classic racers in the app store, you might want to take a look at Clusterball Arcade.

clusterball1In Clusterball Arcade, the idea is to collect as many balls as you can and fly them into the rings, where they are exchanged for points while beating the countdown timer. You control your plane with the accelerometer by tilting left, right, up, and down. There are brake buttons on both sides of the screen, which you can use to help avoid obstacles and help you to traverse the platforms. My only gripes with the controls are that there should be an option to turn off camera tilt, and set tilt sensitivity. Aside from that, I have had no problems with the controls.

Clusterball Arcade consists of ten stages, which continue to progress in difficulty as you advance through them. You will receive a score for each level depending on how many balls you have managed to collect. To go along with this, there are also online an online (global) leaderboard, so you can see how your scores in each level stack up against the rest of the world.

There are a number of other factors to contend with while collecting balls. Running into things like rocks will raise your damage meter, and upon reaching 100%, its game over! Each level also has a timer, and you must reach the finish before time runs out. Upon flying the balls through a ring, your timer will go up a few seconds. There are also in air power-ups, one of them being a ring displaying a number from one to five. Whichever number you get adds that amount of seconds to your timer.

clusterball2The game also features several other power-ups, both good and bad. Among these power-ups are limited invincibility, ramps to give you speed boosts, as well as floating red balls to stop you dead in your tracks. These power-ups add a very nice twist to the game.

At Clusterball’s current price of only $0.99, I would recommend the game to anyone interested in a good cheap flying/racing game. To go along with the nice game-play, Clusterball also features nice, detailed graphics, as well as a frame-rate smoother than silk. The game includes several music tracks, which are fairly good quality. There are also sound effects, which include sounds for the engine, as well as someone shouting “Play ball!” when you first start a level, among other things. As far as bugs go, I have not noticed any thus far. This game definitely brings enough to the table to justify its current $0.99 price tag.

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19 Replies to “ClusterBall Arcade”

  1. Glenn

    COngrats to Justinm59, Jomskylark, stasystylez, and hidiho your the winners of this app!

  2. akame

    who would have thought you can chase balls in a plane with this 3d crafted plane game?

    i fear i may gone dizzy with all the navigation of the plane. Hope i dun grow airsick with this game.

  3. hidiho

    it somewhat reminds me of F-Zero X, for some reason.

  4. orioin7868t

    awesome, marble blast on steroids!

  5. bow

    if this game actually had a “racing” mode than that would be very nice

    it would be worth it then

    the balls could be boost, shield, or weapons

  6. orioin7868t

    $1.00 dude, its pretty cheap as it is

  7. bow

    haha ya your right

    but i think it would be a lot nicer if it did have a racing mode…

    i would prolly buy it for like 4 or 5 then

  8. orioin7868t

    lets hope they keep updating!

  9. Rocketman919

    yeah i have heard that it gets really boring after a while so a racing mode might be just what it needs

  10. stasystylez

    quite worth it for the price judging from the video review and the gameplay

  11. Disorder

    This game looks alright for $.99.

    Seems like racing games are dropping in price as we near the Need for Speed release….

  12. Jomskylark

    Hmm, my thoughts:

    – The title is a bit misleading, seeing as it says Arcade, when in reality it’s just one game.

    – I’ve been looking for a decent flying game, and for .99 cents you can’t go wrong.

    – I like the futuristic feel.

    – It seems like it might get boring after a while… even ten stages might not be enough.

  13. andypaigerocks

    Well you can keep trying to beat your top score!

  14. Daniel Deutsch

    The controls make or break these kinds of games. I didn’t like Nanosaur 2 that much because of the controls; maybe this one is better.

  15. jmh11

    I remember seeing a video of this a while ago. Looks fun.

  16. Bessamy

    Nice twist to a racing game. Nice video review.

  17. akame

    Ten stages for 0.99. What a cool deal. hehe

  18. akame

    i like the idea of pilot a craft and getting balls to the next level.

    ten stages is enough to get me going…Cool game.

  19. Justinm59

    I remember when this game came out, never really look into it. It actually looks pretty good especially for 99 cents