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Chess Pro

Chess is a game of strategy, it teaches one planning and accounting of various possibilities for yourself and your contender, it teaches correct reasoning and logic, military strategy and tactics, it disciplines the mind, enhances concentration of attention, strengthens intellectual and volitional abilities, and now you have the chance to take the game of kings anywhere you go.

Chess Pro isn’t your average run of the mill chess game. Sure it has the classic versions of the game but 99 Games has put spin on the old classic offering both pros and novices something to get excited about.

picture-53Chess pro contains three difficulty levels, along with three themed boards (Metallic, Wood, and 2D) and three different types of gameplay. You can play as white or Black in single and two player mode. No Online features are included in this game.

You have your regular chess game with standard rules and regulations, a new mode called “Suicide” where the winner is the first person to lose all their pieces or have no legal moves left, or you can choose to play “Losers” where the same rules apply as “Suicide” except the King holds the same significance as in chess. The full rules and instructions for these new modes are included in the help menu. They also include a link to Wikipedia for formal rules of chess should you need them. You also have the ability to turn on and off legal moves should you want to.

Once your in game you have the ability to undo a move, save game or ask for hints. One nice feature of the game especially for those of use novice Kings and Queens is that when you select a game piece the legal movement positions are highlighted on the board. This can really help you understand how each piece is allowed to move about the board.

There is no tutorial built into the game, as it would have been a nice feature for the new comers, but unfortunately you will have to learn chess either through trial and error or reading about it on the web. There is however a chess demo included which can serve as a tutorial I suppose but with no ability to pause or replay a movement the demo just moves to fast for anyone to really learn anything from.

picture-63Graphically the game looks excellent. Crisp clean and detailed board layouts and pieces which can be changed on the fly give the game a truly professional appearance.

There is also a clock located on the top that keeps track of the current game length as well as what pieces have been captured.

The two new variants on the traditional game offer players a break from the normal modes, and offers some additional replay abilities.

Audio wise there isn’t much to it. I mean this is chess, and while there are a few simple movement sounds don’t expect much more.

Over all I found the Game of Kings to be a worthy iPhone adaptation and the new modes do offer some increased incentive to people looking for a good chess game.

However the lack of online multi player might turn off some people, but those of us who prefer to lose behind closed doors it’s not that big of a let down.

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8 Replies to “Chess Pro”

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  2. Glenn

    Congrats to Bessamy the winner of the free app!

  3. akame

    This is a very good version of chess with good gameplay. Hope there is sound when moving the chess pieces. Will be glad to try this chess game out if i am given the code.

  4. Glenn

    Yes there is

  5. akame

    good to hear that the sounds are intuitive

  6. Bessamy

    This looks to be a nice version of chess. It is cool that they offer different ways to play. Thanks for the review!

  7. rorreyguy

    not really into chess but it is worth to comment on. it seems like i would lose really fast to the AI

  8. jmh11

    Yeah, I always am blown out by chess AI or beat it immediately. There’s no middle ground.