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Bobby Carrot Forever

Bobby Carrot isn’t your typical puzzle game, it has character, charm, and an overall polish that can lull you into thinking your playing on a console and not a hand held device. It’s also has the distinction of being one of the most frustrating fun games I’ve ever played.

You play the starring role as Bobby Carrot as he attempts to solve puzzles on the road to discovering the mystery of the 6 golden carrots.

To progress in the game Bobby will need to collect all the carrots in each level in order to open the pathway to the next level.

Graphically the game is great, vibrant colorful characters, moving water, and great animations make Bobby Carrot feel like an interactive cartoon.

picture-26Audio wise the game is well represented with nifty sound effects, and theme music. However the looping theme music for the levels needs to longer, and it can get quit irritating repeating over and over. You can buy additional songs later on and you will want to! You can turn off the music if you would like as well.

On nice feature of the game is the way the menus are handled. The screen is clear of any buttons, menus, or maps it’s all done through a unique system for the game. Simply turn your iDevice to portrait mode and the menu system will come up. Turning the game back to landscape mode will resume your game play. Keeping your attention on the game and not the clutter found in most games.

Movement is controlled by touching the edges of the screen. Pressing the middle of the screen will enable a zoomed out mode that will let you get a better look at the level in it’s entirety.

Throughout the game players will encounter various obstacles requiring the user to think before acting.Certain puzzles require you to activate switches, use a snow shovel to unlock hidden objects, or maneuver mirrors around to direct fireballs to melt ice blocks to continue along. Some objects can be picked up and used at a later time, while others require certain movement mechanics to turn obstacles.

This is why I say the game can be very frustrating. Each level has a specific way to solve the puzzles, and if you do anything wrong you will be forced to restart the level, but you might not know you have messed up for a few moments. For example. You may cross over a trap door to press a switch that opens a gate somewhere on the map, but because you opened that switch prior to completing another required step you are now unable to cross over the trap again and while you are free to continue moving around you will never be able to complete the level.

I would have loved to see some kind of warning from Bobby like a shaking of the head if I was doing it wrong or some kinda of undo feature. I know it would break what the game is about but It does get frustrating spending an hour repeating steps over and over.

picture-34This is a more strategic type of puzzle game, than a platform or adventure game, which the screen shots can lead one to believe. Do not let the graphics and sounds have you mistake this for a kiddie game as it’s simply not the case. At it’s core it’s a puzzle game with a nice shinny wrapper.

One saving grace is that the levels are not timed. Challenge stages are however, but for the most part you can take your time and move wisely without worrying about creatures attacking you or rushing against some artificial timer.

There also is no penalty for dying, you simply restart the level over no limited number of lives or game over screens to continued with, so feel free to experiment how to solve these levels.

Scattered throughout throughout the levels are gold coins, some hidden under weeds, or crumbling rocks that require the lawnmower to unlock. These diversions do add some fun to the game as ridding the mower is quite fan and a nice break from the logic puzzles. These coins can be used to buy items and upgrades from the shop back on cloud9.

What the game does better than most is mix up the puzzles. There are a bunch of different obstacles in the game, from weeds, to carousel stones, Lilly pads, water currents, whirlwinds, Kites, fire breathing dragons, magic mirrors, wooden planks, windmills, clouds, giant beans, switches, trap doors, snow shovels, and more&#8230- It’s suffice to say you will never have very similar puzzles on each level.

This is by far the games strongest point. The Gameplay is very challenging, but very fun as well and once you complete a level you feel you earned it!

If your a fan of puzzle games, good graphics, and rewarding game play than Bobby Carrot is for you! However if you get easily frustrated with games that make you do it their way, or hate having to repeat levels over and over to complete them than you may want to pass on this one. As for me I’m sticking with it. As the game is that good regardless of my inability to think.

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33 Replies to “Bobby Carrot Forever”

  1. Super

    Looks like a good app

  2. B master

    Yah probably just random, I got one more question though: I’m currently on my iPhone typing this and I want to make a topic on the forums but when I try to it won’t let me. Do you have this issue aswell or is it just me?

  3. B master

    Nevermind Glenn helped me.

  4. B master

    Is it really worth 7.99 though? It looks fun but that’s a lot of money for an app. Someone please reply, thanks!

  5. Matthew

    i think its definitly worth 7.99!

    but its not action game its a PUZZLE game

    so if you like puzzle games buy it if not wait till they drop the price to 3.99 or whatever

  6. B master

    Okay, I guess I’ll just add it to my snipes and btw how do you change your icon?

  7. Matthew

    good question

    i dont really know but i think you cant change it

    probably this function will be added later

  8. Glenn

  9. ZildjianKX

    Does the game support your own iPod music if you turn off the in-game music? Thanks.

  10. Glenn

    Congrats to troile00 the winner of Bobby Carrot!

  11. akame

    Finally! Bobby Carrot for the iphone. This game has many ports but not the iphone. Luckily they have ported it to iphone and I will not have to use my old phone to play Bobby Carrot.

    The bobby rabbit is out to find the carrot amidst the puzzles…looks like a time-killer with some fun included!

  12. kill3rgam3r

    Looks really fun! Definitely thinking about buying this, but with Payback being released yesterday I am not sure I want to shell out fifteen bucks in less than 24 hours!!

  13. SilentRider

    I think this is one of the higher priced games I could buy in an instant. But I’m waiting like others have said for a demo to see if I really will like it.

    Hopefully they implement your idea of the warning of Bobby shaking his head when you are doing the wrong move.

  14. dennis

    I wasnt at all interested this at first.. but your descriptive review actually made me interested. Definitely helped that you put up a video, b/c i wasn’t going to look it up at all.

  15. kill3rgam3r

    Looks really fun! Definitely thinking about buying this, but with Payback being released today I am not sure I want to shell out fifteen bucks in one night

  16. Rocketman919

    If i didnt like loopy lab will i like this?

  17. Chris

    Imagine Zelda without battles. Maybe this helps?

  18. Javi

    What do we have here? By the looks of it a great puzzle game with nice graphics, cool gameplay and hopefully a long game to keep me satisfied longer.

    I’m one who will be watching for a lite version to demo the game first.

  19. taran420

    firstly, nice name “bobby carrot forever”, lol, doesnt hold any siginificant or just since the rabbits name is bobby and you get carrots to complete the level….

    ive a few gameplay videos of this game, and it looks awesome!!! I love games that makes you think, like theseus for example.

    you mentioned that theirs no undo or anyway of knowing if you’re doing anything wrong, which can be very frustrating, or interesting, depends on how you look at it. I love games that require a lot of strategic thinking, so for me it would be interesting. Its almost like a challenge to get it right the first time, and if i dont then it motivates me even more.

    The sound seems ok, i guess, but i usually play my own track, which i think we cant with this one.

    Also you mentioned something about buying “songs”. so this game has paid DLC? if so, im guessing they will make available some additional levels, but hopefully that is free, since the price tag at $8 is a bit high and plus DLC would be just adding on.

    the graphics and the overall looks are really Great. Controls seems simple and easy to use. I love strategic puzzle games, and it seems to be that and then some.

    again, as i’ve mentioned a lot of times, love your video review, lol…You do very nice reviews. Keep up the good work!!!!

  20. Glenn

    No there is not DLC you can buy tunes from the guy in town using the coins you collect. Its not any kind of update.

  21. taran420

    oh, interesting, so only music, nothing else?

  22. Chris

    There are 8 purchase items like speed shoes, super lawnmower, cheatblaster device, etc.

  23. Glenn

    thanks I should have said that as well

  24. bow

    i am pretty sure this game has around 15 hours of gameplay!

    looks amusing

  25. taran420

    yea looks like it.

    But i wonder if its 15 hours to complete each puzzle in one try, or 15 hours in total, since they know it will be almost impossible to finish all the level in one shot

  26. hidiho

    Looks like a cute game, however, the undo button does scare me a bit. If the developer does fix it, I’m sure that this will be a hit.

  27. watever486

    Finally a good, long, puzzler/platformer. I’m tired of short app store games that only last a day and have no replayability!

  28. The Game Reaper

    Another game for the waiting list!

  29. inogard

    Challenging can be great in puzzle games, but taking an hour just to realize you hit the button in the wrong order could be really frustrating. Maybe some sort of ease on this will be addresses in a future update?

    In any case it’s certainly an interesting looking title.

  30. Glenn

    No you got it wrong, each level is about 1-2 minutes long tops to complete, but having to learn ok I do this, than I go here, and I go this way can add up on retry.

  31. taran420

    hmmm, i kinda agree with you about that. maybe two modes, normal and hard. Normal has a hint or a signal where if you do something wrong, it lets you know

  32. troile00

    From the first time I saw the demoed video of this game I thought it might be confusing. It just seems like there is so much on the screen. That was just the initial impression though.

    As I havent played a puzzle in a while, i’ll have to watch a few more videos.

    It sure does look pretty though

  33. GhostRider

    That’s one of the things holding me to not buy it. It looks a lot challenging and without the undo button, we have to start all over.

    But the game looks so good, and the upgrades you can get for your bunny sounds awesome, I might get the game in a couple of weeks after finishing a handful of games I bought in the last week.

    Thanks for the review.