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Rafter: Like a Lone Scoop of Ice Cream, Its Good but not Enough

I have major respect for those game developers that take on the challenge of creating a great physics puzzle game. Think of all the education they’re using, computing different variables of weights and integrating the effects of gravity, or water, or movement. It’s astounding. Add EMANTRAS Inc. to the long list of people who I respect as they give the App Store another physics app in Rafter.

Physic-based challenges at your fingertips.

Rafter is 21 levels of pure challenge and excitement, as the game advertises. The game’s goal is to stimulate your brain cells with challenges and puzzles that even the astute of minds may find themselves puzzled. All you need to play this app is simple physics, little problem solving ability and some logic.

The object of Rafter is to sketch a shape in the “Sketch Here” box, and use your drawing to touch, hit or whack the little red ball. Though it may sound easy, the game does it’s job in twisting your brain as the number of obstructions and blocks that foil your plan are many.

What I really liked about the game was that although they aren’t a big name developer, the game still feels polished and very professional. As for the gameplay, it is relatively entertaining and addicting for those physics lovers. I like how the entire top of the screen is your sketch box and you have the freedom to pretty much create as big or small of a shape as you would desire. There’s also the Open Feint feature where you can share scores globally which is a nice touch.

It&#39-s fun but it&#39-ll be over before you know it..

However, the longevity of the game is where gamers will be sorely disappointed. The game is only 21 levels long, and it goes back blazingly fast. How short is it? Well, let’s just say I’ve never finished a game on my first run through, when reviewing a game, until playing Rafter. And I usually play the game a few times here and there, but with one run through I was able to knock out all 21 levels in a jiffy. Not that I’m a brainiac or anything, hey, i didn’t even take physics for crying out loud, it’s just that it goes by so fast. And there’s no replay value unless you want to get a higher score.

Rafter is the kind of game where it teases you with it’s looks, and solid gameplay, and then just ends the relationship short, leaving you feel cheated and insecure. Updates are sure to come, well, hopefully they will because the game is altogether pretty fun and I’m sure physics lovers will dig this new app by EMANTRAS Inc.

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  1. Glenn

    Nice honest review I was thinking alot along these lines from the short time I played it as well. However I could not touch you great title