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Heavy Mach 2: Heavy Armored Tank Action Never Looked So Good

Heavy Mach 2 is the sequel from the critically acclaimed, Heavy Mach that hit the App Store a while back. There many differences between the two, the one major difference being that the newest rendition of Heavy Mach is a new overhead perspective with 3D combat units instead of the 2D side-scroller that was the original.

The objectives of Heavy Mach 2 are pretty straightforward. Accept the mission in the command center of the base-camp. Buy arms, parts, or special attacking items from the shop. Install parts or bots in the maintenance shop. Execute the mission, and engage into combat with enemies on the battlefield. There are various enemies you will come into conflict with, mid-level bosses, some bosses even take up a good portion of the map. There are hundreds of kinds of arms, parts, bots systems that can be bought for a price in the shop.

The above overhead view never felt or looked so sweet…

What takes gamers breath away upon first glance will be the astonishing visuals. You may think the screenshots look sharper than the game actually runs on your handheld device but this isn’t so. Heavy Mach 2 is a absolute looker, beautifully done in 3D visuals that strike even the hardest of critics.

There are an abundant of features that I liked about this game. The controls at first puzzled me, but it was through no fault of the game, I was just a little slow. The control scheme fits perfectly, both in maneuvering and the combat system. It implements path-drawing mechanic very well, while the tap and double-tap movements allow for the gamer to decipher exactly where he or she wants to go and when. There’s also a ton of customization for you to go absolutely mach-crazy over. You can outfit your mach with different weapons, body parts and customizing your mach really brings the game to life. It’s like import car racing games where you go into your garage and soup up your ride in the flashiest of knick-knacks. And the gameplay is rock-solid and entertaining for long periods of time thanks to the graphics and intense battle sequences.

Like to Customize? You&#39-ve come to the right place..

However, what you find in reviewing games is that no game is perfect. Heavy Mach 2 is loaded on excellent features but it also falls short in some areas. What bothered me was that your mach has only a single pool of hit points. Usually, in mach games like this, the attacks can strike and damage a specific part of the robot, bringing a whole different kind of strategy to the game. This feature is not present in this app. The difficulty is another gripe, because the hit-detection and collision detection is a bit faulty as projectiles and rockets seem just to past right through you unless they’re dead on. Other minor gripes include lack of a storyline, and some issues with the clunky interface.

Despite it’s flaws, Heavy Mach 2 is a wonderfully made app that mach and Gundam lovers will fall in love with in an instant. It is a bit pricey, the introductory price is half off at $2.99, but you won’t find a game that looks better than this. There is a ton of customization for you to let loose your robotic wild side and launching highly volatile rockets and firing countless steel bullets at your armored machine nemesis’ couldn’t be more exhilarating. I’m sure gamers would’ve loved a campaign mode with a storyline and a little more depth and variety with alternative mission types, but Heavy Mach 2 is a masterful slightly casual mech.-combat game with a dash of RPG elements that I highly recommend to all action adventure gamers.

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4 Replies to “Heavy Mach 2: Heavy Armored Tank Action Never Looked So Good”

  1. michael

    this looks like an extremely addictive arcade game just like the first one. it has some cool new features though that make it better than the first and i think it is very well worth the low price tage!!

  2. hkiphone

    It’s now on sale further at $0.99!

    Just grabbed this while browsing through

    will post my comments about this game after I’ve had an extended play of it

  3. Khamous

    This one looks great, I love those games that have lots of customizations but you don’t lack the actual gameplay to take advantage of it. Kinda off my pockets atm but looks definitely worth it

  4. Stewie

    I’ve really been enjoying this one myself. Sounds like the devs have some nice updates coming soon, too, so it should only get better. The review is pretty accurate with my feelings on the game, as well.