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Guerrilla Bob: A dual sticked payback

What would happen if you took Nintendo’s anti Mario hero Wario tossed in a few cheesy one liners, and replicated the gameplay from such classics as commando and ikaruga warriors? Whatever you answered your wrong. The answer is undeniably Guerrilla Bob.

Guerrilla Bob is a newest dual stick shooter from Chillingo and Angry Mob Games. The game consists of 3 modes of gameplay Story Campaign, Survival Mode, and Extra hard Mode for those looking for a major challenge.

When used correctly flame throwers can change the tide of battle rather quickly.

The game plays out over a linear path. Bob starts out with a single weapon and must fight his way through multiple areas collecting powerups, and additional weapons along the way. Additional score bonuses and health packs can be also be obtained throughout the levels for those who take the time to explore.

The three upgradeable weapons to choose from are the Machine Gun, which is great for scatter fire and a quick kill- your Rocket Launcher which is highly explosive and perfect at dealing spread damage, and the Flamethrower’s which is deadly up close and ideal for burning bad guys in hiding.

Bob will have to kill each and every enemy in the levels in order to move on. Those who try and bypass a tent of spawning enemies or run past turrets will find themselves having to backtrack through the level.

The game has some pretty epic BOSS fights that require some actual strategy. The graphics and animations are excellent, and the bravado and over the top cliched sound bites make for some good laughs.

Get caught like this and you won&#39-t like the outcome.

The game incorporates CRYSTAL leaderboards and achievements so users can compare their scores to against others around the world.

My one real complaint with the game is the length. The game can easily be completed in under 2 hours and the $2.99 asking price might feel a bit high for such a short game for most gamers. Especially when there are other great games out for $.99. Additional content and levels would go a long way to helping justify the cost of the game though none have been mentioned as of yet.

Guerrilla Bob is fast paced action romp that measures up to the best of the Dual Stick titles such as Alive4Ever, Minigore, or iDracula’s of the world. It’s got beautiful graphics an original musical score that fans of the genre are sure to appreciate. If your willing to spend the $2.99 I can’t really tell you it the wrong thing to do. It’s just a fantastically fun shooter, but if your strapped of cash do yourselves a favor and mark this down as a great title to get once it drops in price.

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4 Replies to “Guerrilla Bob: A dual sticked payback”

  1. hkiphone

    I like the polished look of this game. But the longevity of the game seems abit short for $3. If there’s a sale, I’ll pick it up. I just don’t have the stamina to beat the kids on online leaderboards anymore!

    Love the cameo appearance of John Gore at the end of the video clip!

  2. Khamous

    I’m still in the fence about this one, I mean it looks terrific, but the fact that the campaign is too short and the controls are not as fluid as, say, minigore, keep me from buying it. Still, great app, might get it once I get enough money

  3. Stewie

    I agree wholeheartedly. GB is a terrific addition to the dual-stick shooter. There’s been a lot of debate between Minigore and Guerrilla Bob as to which is superior, but I feel there’s plenty of room for both. The graphics, sound, and variety of weapons and enemies in Guerrilla Bob is terrific. I’m having a ton of fun with it. Controls are a bit odd with respect to aiming, as it can sometimes be tough to accurately target an enemy. Almost feels that the aiming is incremental, rather than smooth, but it’s not a big deal as you’re usually moving and strafing anyway. Highly Recommended!

  4. Glenn

    You know I was going to say that about the controls however I have a film covering my iPhone and it sometimes gets a bit greasy so I didn’t want to knock the “perceived” control issues if it was my issue alone.