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Wobble: Shake what your mother gave ya

Lets all be honest here. Regardless of the technology there is always a “dirty” side to technology in fact it’s pretty easy to say that the “underbelly” of society can actually drive a product from the brink of death such as the story of when VHS was in a fight for it’s life with Betamax. Sony refused adult content whereas VHS opened it’s doors to adult content which exploded the sales of VHS and the rest is history.

Today that new frontier is the appstore, and like it or not a hefty percentage of the install base is into adult oriented materials, and since this is America if there is a dollar to be made well than “There is an app for that.”

Enter Wobble! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to explain what you can do with this application allows you to do. I will touch on it, but that I want to take the conversation down a differnt path and explain some family friendly things this application can do.

Wobble allows you to take any image you currently have stored on your iPhone re-size and scale it and add a scalable wobble effect to any selected region of the picture. You also have the ability to adjust the wobbles effect and duration using the included tools.

Once you have created your masterpiece you can save the file to be played back at a later date. or share it using the website which is built into the application. The Application does have a few drawbacks thought. In the current version there is a limitation of 6 Wobbles that can be applied to one image. This isn’t really a concern for most parts but I thought I would mention it in case you have multiple bounces that are needed.

It also would have been nice to included a built in camera so you could capture, create, and share all while in the application instead of having to close the app to take a picture, and re-open the application. Trivial for some but once again im simply pointing out things.

Now besides placing these wobbles on women and starring at your iPhone for hours thinking about what you would do to the picture in a real life situation there are plenty of family friendly things you can do with the application as well. In fact I would use the app for this more than the aforementioned purposes myself.

For example I have a friend lets call him Johnny who always no matter question you ask him has this nervous tick where he shakes his head slightly left and down before answering. So I took his image and added a wobble effect to his face zoomed in, and whenever he’s not around or even around I pull out the app and ask him a question. It beings a laugh to all our friends having Johnny around all the time!

Your ability to be creative is the only limitation to the longevity of of using wobble. The application may be built with ogling in mind, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There is plenty of good clean and dirty fun to be had with Wobble.

Wobble comes in a lite .99 version and a full blown premium version. This review was based on the full premium version of the application which has all premium features.

The application costs $1.99 currently which honestly the biggest deterrent to most consumers seeing as the application has a limited scope of function. However the developer is promising some huge additions and features to those who purchase the premium edition as opposed to the lite version.

Drag the eyes and tongue to get a very basic simulation of the actual effect