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ArtStudio: A Professional Design Studio For Those On The Go

There are two things in this world I have always wanted to do, one is to learn to play the guitar and the second being a professional artist. So far I’ve been unable to achieve either due to my pathetic lack of drive and daily life getting in my way. However today may be the day I embark on solving one of these with the release of ArtStudio by Sylwster Los.

This is a sponsored review, However the application score and article content reflect our honest evaluation of the application.

You can customize every aspect of tools.

ArtStudio is labeled as the professionals drawing and painting application for the iPhone and iTouch devices. They state it uses advanced mathematics to attain a higher level of quality, at the same time offering incredible performance achievements through code optimizations. While I can’t speak for those statements I can attest that the application is pretty darn slick.

ArtStudio consists 25 different set of drawing tools, seven filters, five layer support, six levels of undo and redo, 3 drawing modes, unlimited zoom, shake to clear, and multiple ways to import and export created images, a built in tutorial studio, and loads more.

What is surprising to me is the simplicity, depth and functionality of the interface. The developer has utilized the corners of the screen as functional hot spots for controls allowing you to simply touch the upper left and right corners of the screen to undo and redo, or touching the bottom right of the screen to enable the user interface. Shaking the device will prompt you to clear the active layer as well as zoom. You can also use Pinch and swipe movements.

One thing that isn’t instinctively pointed out and should be noted is that almost ever option has a secondary or third level of customization that can be defined by pressing down on it for a few seconds. For example the initial color palette of 14 seems to be lacking. It wasn’t until 30 minutes later I realized I could press and hold a color and adjust it or change it to a different color all together using the built in color selector.

While not Picasso I was able to create this in 3 minutes after using the built in tutorials.

But for me the star of the app and what separates it from some other apps is the included tutorials. They are a really nice touch for those who are just learning to harness their creative juices. These guides will walk you through a step by step drawing lesson that will teach you draw a dog, cat, or bunny as well as faces, hands and other objects. I created this image with the built in tutorial and added some extra features all within three minutes of firing up the application. Imagine what could be done with someone with some real creativity?

With a plethora of features , excellent controls, and a simplicity user interface Art Studio is a great drawing application for the iPhone and iTouch. It’s not a replacement for Photoshop but it’s got alot of the same quality features you would expect from a big commercial package except it’s only $3.99. When comparing it to Brushes or iSketch two of the more prominent iPhone applications it’s easy to recommend Art Studio as it offers more features, functionality and value than either of these currently offer.

If your looking for a portable design studio ArtStudio should be on the top of your list, It’s also great for children learning to draw as it teaches them the basics using the tutorials and offers them a creative way to express themselves while waiting for the doctor or at the restaurant. My two children love using it and im pretty sure you and yours will as well.

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4 Replies to “ArtStudio: A Professional Design Studio For Those On The Go”

  1. Penny

    Thanks for the very extensive review. I’m still a minor, so granted I don’t have complete freedom to purchase just whatever I want (I’m something of an amateur app tester myself, although my repeated purchases of similar apps have raised some eyebrows with my dad, who holds the credit card). So I’m wondering, if I can’t get suckered into getting both Sketchbook Pro and this one, do you have any experience with the other one, and give some thoughts about ArtStudio in relation to the other one? Not talking about tech specs, which is readily accessible, but user experience

    love your bunny, by the way.

  2. Tomasz Banas

    Great app, my wife uses it every night.

  3. Glenn

    Come on you gotta love my Bunny no?

  4. Chumbake

    The Bunny Rocks!