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Mix.DJ: I Want My DJ Mix Now!

To show our versatility here at Appversity, we sometimes want to give you readers the occasional “Productivity” or “Entertainment” app just to keep things fresh. In this case, we’ve reviewed, a music genre app where you can listen to and discover thousands of new DJ’s and mixes worldwide with just one click anytime of the day. If that sparks your interest I highly advise you take a look see at the following review to see if mix.DJ should make it’s way onto your handheld device. Let’s get down and boogie and see what this app is all about.

Upon opening the app, you are introduced to the “Moods” library where you can pick individual tracks to listen or add to your favorites list. The 16 moods vary from Disco Gold Party to Psy-trance Party mix, or even Sunday morning relaxation music to Funky House Party, the variety truly is astonishing.

Once you’ve selected the category you wish to listen to, there are hundreds of music tracks to choose from and you have the choice of either just listening to the beat, or you can add it to your favorites list. Be careful though, the “Add to Favorites” is actually in another language and says “Ajouter aux favoris” but they may have fixed that type error. Each track comes with album art and the artist.

However, the main drawback of the game is that the tracks sound too similar. And a person unfamiliar with the slightest differences between Trance and Techno will be absolutely lost in this app. When I listened to tracks in Electro Party and then switched over to Trance Party, I could hardly tell the difference. It all sounded the same to me, but maybe that has more to say about me rather than the app. I don’t listen to techno very much at all so the app is lost on me. This will be true to most buyers out there who aren’t up to date with the newest of DJ mixes.

But techno really gets your blood flowing and is the music you groove to, than this app could be very useful to you merely because of the amount of music packed into this one little app. mix.DJ is a miniscule 0.8 megabyte but it relies heavily on internet connection for it’s music library. It’ll last you quite a while and all the tracks are very lengthy but can be repetitive but techno music sort of is already so that might not hinder one’s experience as much as it did for me.

What We Liked:
+ More than 10,000 DJ mixes at your fingertips + 66 selected genres and subgenres + Feature of uploading your own DJ mix via internet + 16 easy moods + Superb sound quality + Unique concept + Search artists, tracks, keyword feature

What We Disliked:
– Some text is not translated into English (i.e: “Add to favorites”) &#8211- Not enough variety when it come to artists &#8211- Well known or main stream artists absent &#8211- Many of the tracks sound too similar &#8211- Not enough variation
from mix to mix &#8211- Internet connection essential for playing music

Final Verdict:
With the upcoming arrival of platform game, DJ Hero, being aired on national television several days a week, you could see the appeal here. The idea behind isn’t all bad. Scrolling through countless tracks adding them to one customized compilation and listening at your own leisure sounds like a very novel idea. However, the concept isn’t flawed, the actual music tracks are. Too many tracks sound exactly the same, even the “Relax” category still sounded like I was two glowsticks short of a full on rave party. The game has value to techno lovers because of the thousands of tracks that are available and the sound quality is top notch. Having endless amount of mixes being uploaded into the game via internet connection is spiffy too and could be crucial if the right music tracks are integrated in to the game, but for now I can only slightly recommend to the hardcore techno lovers.