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Wisen Up

There are all sorts of different types of apps out there, but I can honestly say that Global Delight’s “Wisen Up” could be one of the most “different” apps you will see.

This app helps you “wisen” yourself with all sorts of information about a wide variety of topics (mostly concerning the body and medical facts). These are all really interesting and worth reading through.

But to Facebook users everywhere the most interesting thing will be the Personality Tests that let you know more about yourself.

It’s a very interesting tour through knowledge, but is a collection of little facts and party tricks enough to keep you glued to the app? Let’s see.

Application Modes:

There is a huge variety of things going on in Wisen Up. The main, fun section is the personality tests. You can answer a few questions and find out important things like “what type of doughnut you’d be”, “would you make a good Supreme Being”, and even “what type of fart you’d be”. There are several of these and you can post all of your results to Facebook if you want the world to know that you’re a “chocolate doughnut with sprinkles” (my answer).

There are also several little bits of information in this app. You can find out all about urban myths, incurable diseases, first aid tips, body language clues, ancient cures, etc.. You get the idea. There’s a lot here. You can even go through a list of symptoms and diagnose the problem to find out what type of doctor you are.

As I said, there is a lot there, but the problem might be that once you’ve read it all there isn’t much reason to go back over it again. There quizzes might be fun to have your friends try to see what answers they get, but once you’ve gone through them there isn’t much reason to see what you are “not”.

Here’s hoping that Global Delight keeps updates coming to keep it fresh.


Wisen Up is very easy to use. Part of that is due to the fact that most of the app is nothing more than just reading and going from page to page (or question to question). You start with a strange “ring” looking thing that lets you pick the topic you’d like to visit. There are several easier ways to make this happen and I’d love liked to see the devs choose any one of these, but they didn’t and this will have to work (and does).

There is nothing in this app that will take a lot of figuring out, which is good. Everything is done with one finger.

What We Liked:

+ Lots of cool/useful information
+ Personality tests are interesting
+ Variety of things going on
+ Link to Facebook (and share your strange findings)
+ Easy to use
+ Occasionally gives a cool “ah-ha” reaction
+ You can see how your friends answer things

What We Disliked:

– Not much happening graphically
– Could use some music
– Lacking In Personal Replay
– Could use more information

Final Verdict:

This might very well be one of the oddest apps I’ve reviewed. I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s actually been one of the more fun apps I’ve reviewed. It has a lot of different things that will appeal to those looking for a nice time waster that might actually teach them something (about life and about themselves). There is certainly a lot that can be gained by getting wiser, so Wisen Up!

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3 Replies to “Wisen Up”

  1. snow_mani

    Interesting app. Not sure if it’s for me. I must admit that a frustrated or hostile attitude is not what comes to my mind when I see that image. To me she looks pensive or interested not frustrated or hostile! While I don’t think this app is for me, I can see that it should appeal to many people.

  2. Seishu

    This looks pretty nifty really. I love learning all sorts of interesting things everyday, and it looks as though this has loads of odd facts. I’ll have to try this app out some time. Thanks for your review, I never would’ve seen this before.

  3. Mr. Charley

    This may be a good party-app to share with your friends but completely agree that once you’re done with all the tests and facts, there’s really nothing left to do with it.

    I can totally see that there may be a few times when you think to yourself “wow, that’s really interesting”, just like I did with the screenshot of “this gesture shows a frustrated or hostile attitude”. It’s one of those that your probably intuitively know but sometimes it’s interesting to see it….

    In the end, it’s a neat concept but it probably would need more to keep my attention for any length of time.