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The Best Android Music Apps

While you can use your smart phone as a music playback or storage device they can in fact do so much more to enhance the listening experience of music lovers. (more…)...read more

Mix.DJ: I Want My DJ Mix Now!

To show our versatility here at Appversity, we sometimes want to give you readers the occasional "Productivity" or "Entertainment" app just to keep things fresh. In this case, we've reviewed mix.dj, a music genre app where you can listen to and discover thousands of new DJ's and mixes worldwide with just one click anytime of the day. If that sparks your interest I highly advise you take a look see at the following review to see if mix.DJ should make it's way onto your handheld device. Let's get down and boogie and see what this app is all ab...read more

Flare: a complete portable DJ mixer

Ever wondered what that DJ in the booth was doing at the club? Ever sat and watched him spin the records back and forth and think – Hey I can do that. Well here is your chance. Flare from Itunes is a DJ table on the go. (more…)...read more